Veteran’s Day


I didn’t realize that hundreds of retired veterans became Katrina
evacuees who were sent to Washington DC. And over 4 years later they
are still there awaiting the completion of the rebuilding of their
retirement home in Gulfport, Mississippi. From theSun Herald:


— The hundreds of Hurricane Katrina evacuees from Gulfport’s destroyed
Armed Forces Retirement Home today are looking at their last Veterans
Day in Washington. And for almost all of them, it couldn’t come too

For four years, they have adapted, or not, to life at the
beautiful Washington campus, but with 10 months to go before the newly
rebuilt facility reopens on the Mississippi Coast, the veterans talk of
little else but getting back to Gulfport.


Of the
414 residents in Gulfport when Katrina hit in 2005, about 350 were
evacuated to Washington — many on 10 buses provided by AFRH. Now there
are 202 Gulfport residents still in Washington, said AFRH spokeswoman
Sheila Abarr, and at least 170 are on the return list

Here is theGulfport construction cam to keep tabs

And conservatives said Mississippi was all rebuilt years ago…


5 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. I know it shouldn’t have, but this surprised me and thus made its way into my lil ol bike/fantasy football/whatever hits my fancy blog.
    thanks for picking it up A.

  2. And conservatives said Mississippi was all rebuilt years ago…
    Well, Trent Lott’s porch is all better now, so the important things are taken care of.

  3. Quite interesting. Here you have a group whose fate was totally under the govt. The group was in a retirement home in Miss., probably because they had local roots there – and keeping older folks in contact with their roots is a strong factor in quality care of the elderly.
    And still how long has it taken?

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