It’s Always Worse Than You Thought


WASHINGTON (AFP) – The CIA provides hundreds of millions of dollars
to Pakistan’s spy service, including payments for the capture or
killing of wanted militants, a US newspaper reported, citing unnamed
officials and former officials.

The CIA’s financial support accounts for as much as one-third of theInter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency’s budget, the Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday.

When contacted by AFP, theCentral Intelligence Agency declined to comment Monday on the report.

The clandestine program that offers bounties to the ISI for the capture
or killing of militants has prompted fierce debate within the US
government, officials told the paper, as ISI is suspected of retaining
ties and providing support forTaliban and other Islamist extremists inAfghanistan.

The payments were first approved byformer president George W. Bush and have continued underPresident Barack Obama, the report said.


2 thoughts on “It’s Always Worse Than You Thought

  1. So we are at war with the Taliban and our intellinistas are supporting the Taliban.
    And we complain when Obama wants to come up with a plan?

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