Voter engagement no longer required

To the extent my opinions matter, and it’s not much of an extent, I agree with those in the let’s-take-what-we-can-salvage-and-quit camp on HCR, because there’sa few decent pieces left. Do I think that’s realistic? Yeah, you know why? Because it’s the only fucking option we’re going to get.

An important symbolic corner’s been turned here. The idea that what we voters —the ones who sent these guys up to the show — really want, really think, hasobviously already been devalued.

It’s sorta weird, really, because on most subjects it’s the first thing
they think of, both about the policy itself and the myriad imaginary
attack ads that can be run based on the policy. If voters don’t like
this thing, it’ll likely be repealed before most of it even takes
effect, either because Republicans take over or because frightened
members of a Dem controlled Congress do so. Sure, there’s the
optimistic view that it could be “made better” instead of repealed, but
I’m not really feeling all that hopey.

The POTUS can say, with a straight face, that we all just misunderstood what we all fucking saw with our own eyes.

“Nowhere has there been a bigger gap between the perceptions of
compromise and the realities of compromise than in the health-care
bill,” Obama said. “Every single criteria for reform I put forward is
in this bill.”

Whoever he’s talking to there, it’s not us.

Say what you will about White House advisors, they aren’t stupid. They knew, the POTUS knew, that when he said he didn’t campaign on the public option, that the claim could, and would, be instantly countered.

And that just doesn’t matter to them.


3 thoughts on “Voter engagement no longer required

  1. I understand why the prevailing sentiment is to take what we can get on HCR, and I tried to settle in with it. I just can’t give in yet.

  2. maybe the sheeple ashould have shouted down the teabaggers the gnews loved this summer. shout down the death panels. make the gnews not work against people. TURN THE GNEWS OFF.

  3. I think we on the left need to continuously push for the progressive legislation we know is needed by our country. If we only get 10% of it this time around, that is more that we had, so now we continue to push for the remaining 90%. The harder we push the more we are likely to get.
    I shared the dream that we could finally, with a progressive president and a big democratic margin in the congress, get the universal health care system that the rest of the developed world has, but that was never more than a dream. For one thing, I actually read Obama’s position on health care, and he was never for universal health care. He was for improving what we had, by increments, always building on the last improvement. His whole political philosophy is to tone down the arguments, get agreements where possible, then look for other possibilities. That helped a lot in causing me to withdraw most of my enthusiasm for him in the primaries.
    Well, we got what we voted for, even if we imagined we were voting for something else.
    Now, lets take a few seconds to rest, the go on pushing as hard as possible for improvements to what will be a very imperfect health insurance bill.

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