Good Riddance 2009, Hello 2010

I’m in a new phase as in my “career” as a blogger who’s both a solo artist and in a band, as it were. (And the best fucking band in the blogosphere too.) Said phase involves posting different things under the same title but both involve Pete Townshend. I somehow doubt that it’s arrested adolescence, the police are nowhere in sight. <weak rim shot>

Anyway, I reckoned since Imocked Roger Daltrey’s acting yesterdaythat I should post him doing what he does best: singing live with the Who. I also worried aloud aloud as to whether I was turning into an old fart so I’ll tryYoung Man Blues as an antidote.

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p>In the immortal words of Colonel Saul Tighe, standup guy and alcoholic cylon: Happy frakking New Year.

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