Steny Hoyer, Newspaper Commenters Fight For Title of Today’s Biggest Jackass

First of all, Steny Hoyer is an asshole:

— As Obama administration officials discussed a possible mid-2011
opening of Thomson prison as a federal facility, a key Democratic
lawmaker said today that the president would have a fight on his hands
to secure funding for the prison, which would house terrorism suspects.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., spoke in answer to a
reporter’s question on whether Obama would have a “steep, uphill fight”
to get the millions needed to buy the Illinois prison and move
Guantanamo Bay detainees there.

Hoyer said yes.

“I think the administration realizes that this is a difficult issue,
and I think that they are assessing where they are and where they think
we ought to be,” Hoyer said. “And I think that’s appropriate, and I
look forward to discussing it with them.”

Apparently there is nothing you can’t get Hoyer to say, so long as it’s damaging to a Democratic agenda. His flack tries to walk it back later in the story, but … yeah, damage done.

The commenters are hysterical, though. Full of ideas about fiscal responsibility, murderous fantasy, and detailed instructions as to how terrorist attacks could be carried out in order to fuck over some sheep in the deep country:

Take all these Gitmo prisoners for a ride to their native countries in
747’s hold trial on the plane’s and release them all at 10,000 feet
over the Ocean out the cargo door. That saves 300 million plus the cost
of feeding and guarding them. That is fiscal responsibility. You know
if the table ‘s were turned they would chop our heads off and show it
on worldwide TV. Dropping them in the Ocean may deter future terrorist
acts. “I’m just sayin”

This guy has GI Joe figurines on the top of his bookshelves.

[[All of the tough talkin’ keyboard commadoes are afraid to house some terror suspects …]]

They are captured combatants. They shouldn’t be “suspects” for anything.

We’re allowed to hold combatants, without charge or legal
representation, for the duration of the hostilities in which they were
captured. For as long as the A’stan war is going on … we can hold

Furthermore, if they were fighting out of uniform *improperly*, then
we can accuse them of being saboteurs or mercinaries, give them a
military lawyer, give them a military hearing, and then execute them.

They totally deserve a fair trial before we convict and killinate their asses!

Illinois doesn’t want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leave them in Gitmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is anyone listening?????????????????????

Try a few more exclamation points. That might help.

While the federal govt may have to react to any terrorist threat, it is
the local property owners who bear the risk. This is because, for
several year now, federal laws have allowed all U.S. insurance policies
to exempt policy holders from coverage for terrorist acts. A dam breech
could flood hundred of farm acres and rural homes, causing millions
upon millions of dollars of damage. Similarly, federal laws mandate
that we, farmers, destroy all our own livestock and crops if there is
any nuclear leak and exposure. There is no insurance coverage if that
leak is terrorist created. And, the risk is already significant enough
for us to get yearly federal reminders and siren towers in our fields
to warn of that risk.

Listen, if you get attacked by terrorists, you will in fact be taken care of. It seems we only hate Americans who were in the path of hurricanes, floods, broken-down infrastructure and general crime. You’ll be fine.


9 thoughts on “Steny Hoyer, Newspaper Commenters Fight For Title of Today’s Biggest Jackass

  1. NEWSFLASH: Steny, there are gangmembers and drug runners walking free in Ball’mer that the Gitmo detainees would be terrified of.
    Why don’t you do your job, protect yoru your constituents fro the bangers, and leave the federal detainees to the Administration.

  2. Y’know, since the war on terrah seems to have no endpoint, we can’t really call it a war in any conventional sense. However, this “unlawful combatant” shit is just a made-up term to enable indefinite detentions.
    If they’re POWs, then we give them all the rights of POWs. If they’re suspected criminals, into the criminal justice system they go–even if their torture and/or the torture of witnesses against them turns out to be an embarrassment.
    It’s been a long, long time since we had POWs in this country, but we did have them. Where I live, there was camp for German POWs (and some of them may have even been… shh… y’know… NAZISOHMIGOD!!!), and they were so dangerous that the camp authorities only let them build the local big park in the center of town…

  3. Steny Hoyer signed a letter to President Bush in 2007 urging him to close Guantanamo.
    McClatchy, 6/29/07 :“The letter argued that the facility has undermined the image of the United States as a “model of justice and protector of human rights around the world.”
    “Holding prisoners for an indefinite period of time, without charging them with a crime goes against our values, ideals and principles as a nation governed by the rule of law,” the letter said. It argued that allegations of torture and of the indefinite detention of innocent men have hurt America’s credibility.
    The letter also argued that the operation of Guantanamo threatens the safety of Americans detained abroad.”

    I guess Hoyer meant close it and put the detainees in some magical pony pen at no expense to taxpayers someplace in a magical Cloudland, not an actual facility in the United States where they could face justice under what that notorious hippie Ronald Reagan called “the rule of law”.

  4. I think everyone in the US needs to get flood insurance. The yellow tide emanating from people like that is almost certain to cause damage in the long run.

  5. Really dumb question:
    the folks from Illinois actively campaigned to get this prison converted for the Gitmo folk. They want it. They see it as a financial boon.
    Why would the bozo from MD, 1,000 miles away, give a flip?

  6. montag has it exactly right. That our congresscritters and news pundits cannot understand it is depressing and disgraceful.

  7. @Montag… Right On! I’ve been saying the same thing since Oct 2001… but treating them like the criminals they are doesn’t sit well in the chickenhawk frame of mind.
    As for Hoyer, I can think of only a few Democrats I’d love to see tossed from congress more than that ratf*cker… hmmm… Stupak and Harmen come immediately to mind. As does that footbal legend (in his own mind) Schuler.

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