Concessions, Concessions

If only those unions would stop being so evil:

Township High School District 207 officials tonight unanimously
approved a plan it announced last month to cut $15 million in spending
by eliminating 135 jobs for next school year, including about 75
teaching positions.

A huge outcry from parents and students, who staged a protest at thePark Ridge
district headquarters and turned out by the thousands at the last
school board meeting, resulted in a district alternative proposal to
dig deeper into its reserves and save about 45 teaching jobs.

In exchange for the extra $2 million in deficit-spending for each of
the next two school years, however, district officials sought
concessions from the teachers union to lower their overall raises by a
similar amount. Most teachers would still receive raises for seniority
but would forgo an additional cost-of-living increase for the 2010-11
school year. The district had said more teachers’ jobs could be saved
if the union would agree to even more concessions.

Our priorities as a country are so irredeemably fucked up.


4 thoughts on “Concessions, Concessions

  1. But the masters of the universe at AIG Financial Products will get $100,000,000+ in annual “performance” bonuses this year.
    Life isn’t fair. But damn!

  2. what’s that school district superintendent make? If it’s more than twice what the lowest-paid district employee makes, that fucker’s due for a big-ass cut.

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