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As he points out, the problem is not just that the bill is being
misrepresented. That’s all in the game. But it’s being misrepresented
in a way that makes it impossible for the GOP to later turn around and
compromise on it. As Obama said later in the session, “our constituents
start believing us. They don’t know sometimes this is just politics.”
And if they don’t know it’s just politics, then legislators can’t act
as it’s just politics.

Well, and “politics” shouldn’t be code for “turn off the TV and don’t pay attention, there’s nothing to see here.” If politics is theater, and everybody admits it’s theater, and everybody admits it doesn’t mean anything, then what the fuck are you all still doing reading this?

“Politics” as signifies “bullshit” is part and parcel of our “the entire functioning of the country as one big ironic joke for the people who live in Chris Matthews’ head” media narrative, where the only thing that really matters is who won the morning and who won the afternoon.

Or, as Michael Keaton’s character yells in The Paper, “This shouldn’t be semantics. This shouldn’t be money. People will read this, and they’ll believe us!”


3 thoughts on “Just Politics

  1. eternal punch + judy. spy vs spy and the gnews only magnifies it now. the ever balkanization of the gnews makes progress unlikely.

  2. Couldn’t Agree More. I fervently hope that in the SOTU and Obama meeting with the GOP that he was, at many places, saying:
    The Kindergarten is gonna have to act like civilized beings. If you do this, then I am gonna call you out on it (ex. grandstand at a ribbon cutting for a project that you voted against.) You have fair warning.

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