Saintsmania: Men In Frocks Update

Before the Saints beat the Vikings, I told you thatNew Orleans was full of men ready to don frocksafter their team finally made the Super Bowl. There were large scale festivities in the Quarter Sunday but I’d like to share a few pictures of some friends of mine in their frocks as they paid homage to the late great sportscaster Buddy D about whom there was a great piece inthe Picayune by Buddy’s old, uh, buddy Peter Finney.

The photos were posted by my online nemesis, NOLA blogger Michael Homan. The first picture features Michael and fellow blogger Howie Luvzus. Howie is my personal Baptist preacher (a losing battle if there ever was one) and is the demure looking one. Homan is the mustachioed skank in pink:


The second picture features Chef Who Dat and the estimable Wiseman brothers reading an ode to Buddy D near his tomb at Metry Cemetery.

Chef Who Dat & the Wisemans. jpg

Finally, from the ridiculous to the sublime. Here’s Jim Henderson, the longtime voice of the Saints, calling Garrett Hartley’s game winning Field Goal. Many New Orleanians have this on a tape loop or wish that they did:

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7 thoughts on “Saintsmania: Men In Frocks Update

  1. To be honest, tho, there have always been a bunch of men in NOLA ready to don a dress at the slightest provocation. Jest sayin.
    Who Dat, Baby! We’ve got a big tailgait brewing in North Louisiana for Sunday.

  2. True, Mass but it’s usually a different group of men. I don’t think Bobby Hebert wears drag very often. He did look pretty good though.
    Thanks for the tip, Virgo. I’ll have to set the DVR.

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