A Long Taxi Ride: Caprica Thread


“Your Dad? Has this girl in his private virtual space?” Zoë stares at
her, I guess not immediately twigging to the entirety of how fucked up
that is, so Lacy takes the next step: “She’s pure avatar, right? Something he invented?” Zoë agrees, because after all if that
were a someone they would just take off the holoband. I don’t know if
the full sex-doll ramifications of this are supposed to be your first
thought, but I mean… These little girls joined acult essentially because they were bored ofkilling/having orgies with each other.
They are no more innocent than anybody else about what the Matrix is
capable of giving you. So if that’s not the conversation that they’re
having — if this is not an Angeli Thing — then I don’t know what the
point of this is. And Zoë has every reason to trust Daniel Graystone
not one little tiny bit. He kidnapped her when she was terrified and
alone, on the day she died, in an embrace. Took her into this black
cell, and left her there until it was time for her to be an ugly robot.

17 thoughts on “A Long Taxi Ride: Caprica Thread

  1. Holy frack last night rocked! I wasn’t sure I was hooked till Amanda got in the car, and then it was omigodomigod, he’s actually gonna kill her but I *like* her…and I like *him*, shit my head’s gonna explode…
    Jeebus, they got me again.
    The group marriage thing is a little weird, but for the wrong reasons. I’m with you–I shouldn’t be spending time trying to figure out how it works.

  2. I’m sure mood dictates who is sleeping with who at any given time.
    Kat dressed up like a hot executive? Somebody needs to get the fuck out of my brain.
    Sam rocks, such a complex character and Sasha does a damned good job bringing him to life. However, I would sooner run into him in a dark alley than Tsattie. She would give Sonny Corleone goosebumps. Damn.

  3. The bed-built-for-four scene distracted me as well.
    Does Daniel know that his PR person is an irradiated stim-junkie?
    Who’s leaking to Sister Clarice? Or did I miss something?

  4. Daniel and Joseph are tied in the most inept contest. Joseph was totally emasculated by his old lady mother-in-law and gay mobster brother. (“Larry hates it when I come home bloody.”) I guess the point is to emphasize both fathers are crippled by grief but neither of them has done anything right since the bombing. Daniel needs Amanda in order for anything he does to work.
    Love Tsattie telling Willy to follow his bliss. “You get the best things from enemies.” She’s got something up her sleeve too.
    Re the dancing scene, yes I thought it was great. Both that scene and the scene in the earlier ep where Zoe/bot and Lacy embrace made me tear up, which is I think, a testament to how well the now-you-see-the-bot/now-you-see-Zoe sleight of hand works, even though it doesn’t seem like it ought to.
    Philomon has a secret I think, and not just the dancing. I think he’s done something to that prototype that Daniel doesn’t know about, hence his “This is the finest work I’ve ever done.” Maybe what he did didn’t work, it’s just the Zoe in there, but I still think he did something to this prototype that he didn’t do to the others, otherwise Daniel would have figured it out by now.
    Lots of who’s zooming who still going on. Zoe knocks Lacy off her mobile connection, so she can go into V World without her. I’m guessing to look for Tamara.
    Clarice, I think, is lying to everybody but I may just be projecting every other character Polly Walker has played onto her.
    Earlier Keon tells Lacy Clarice wasn’t involved in the student STO cult but obviously he knows she is, and Lacy does too but she doesn’t want him to know she does. And who the hell is Barnabas? If he’s the decider re STO, then what is Clarice?
    Does anyone really think Ben acted alone? I
    t will undoubtedly be the end of the season till we find out what’s really happening on Gemenon, but Zoebot wants to be god of it so bad she can taste it.
    Lacy is obviously her disciple now but Clarice is pulling from the other side just as hard. I always fall for these characters like Lacy, who start out spineless, because after they get all fucked up, they end up turning into total badasses.

  5. I’d have to watch it again to see if I still feel this way, but I felt like, partway through the interview (maybe just after Amanda came out?) Sarno suddenly started channelling Jon Stewart. Ihated him up until that point, then all of a sudden, he’s cutting in whenever Daniel tries to hedge and obfuscate, and dragging the conversation back on track.
    You’re exactly right, A, about him offering answers to things that aren’t questions. But, at the same time, I couldn’t help cheering a bit when he refused to be sidetracked by the things Daniel’s PR people had fed to him. And holding him to the promises he made: “You say you’ll do these things NOW, but what happens tomorrow?”
    It’ll be interesting to see if they keep him around for more, or if he’s played his part and will fade out.
    LOVING Sam, so very much. And I had a goofy grin on my face while Zoe was dancing.

  6. Hours later and I’m still blown away by Sasha’s performance. It’s as if Sonny from A Bronx Tale was transplanted to another world. He deserves some kind of award for this.

  7. Caprica has been wobbly so far, new series will be like that, but Friday’s episode fucking knocked it out of the park. I know the group marriage thing has been distracting to the viewers, but I’m hoping it’s going somewhere in the future – that’s why the writers keep dragging our horny salacious imaginations back to it.
    Give it up for Patton Oswalt – that was a brilliant character he brought to life. He was this beautiful irritating combination of Rush Fucking Limbaugh, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. I despised Sarno for being the obvious douchebag he is, but at the same time admired how he willing he was to keep gnawing at a question.
    And Tsattie would shoot JR, cut Alexis, and not even think twice.

  8. why is everyone so skeeved out by the group marriage thing? I think it makes sense in the storyline

  9. Caprica is growing on me. I adore Sam, his tattoos, his car and that dancing bull on the dashboard. I especially like him for not killing Amanda. The desire for revenge is understandable, but she’s a grieving parent too, so there’s something very unseemly about killing her.
    This may become an issue between Sam and Tsattie in the future. She’d be a scary enemy.

  10. Honestly, the group marriage thing is neither here nor there for me. That opening scene wouldn’t have been much different if it had been only two people.

  11. Oooo, I just did some googling, and James Marsters (Spike!) is cast as Barnabus. He’s gonna be a great addition.

  12. I’m not skeeved by the group marriage, just … curious about how it works day to day. I feel like it’s being used as shorthand for something, here, either freedom or immorality or maybe a little of both, and in order for that to work I need to know what makes it tick.

  13. Umm, as any good progressive knows, Patton Oswald is an untouchable when it comes to his cred. The dude doesn’t (and to be honest I dunno why not) write his own Leno-esque tripe – a topic that could take up its own post, given his comic awesomeness. I mean, for serious, he does enough punch up for other scripts that he could at least maneuver his way into a facsimile of a self-writing John Stewart type.
    But, aside from the ‘so they tell me’ Sci Fi execs who let BSG go on as long as they did, along with the DVR crowd all tuning in, maybe Patton’s suggestions, if any, aren’t welcome? I dunno. The man knows how to write (and say) a joke – I can’t order the crispy strips at KFC in good conscience knowing about their bowls – so don’t blame their kinda heavy-handed figure fighting back against (supposed) corruption of some sort. Really, I’d love a better explanation for this continuous search for meaning in life, but then I’d have to move away from America.

  14. Family, what it is, who you are in relation to it, is maybe the major theme in the show. So yeah, it is a device/shorthand/predictor. ClarIce has more family than anyone but she seems to operate outside them, even in secret. Yet she’s quick to use the big warm family and the youngest juicy husband in particular to seduce a student whose only family is a disembodied voice for a mother and an avatar in a machine.
    The Graystones have more of a house than a family though I guess they’re starting over in a way.

  15. Holy cow, I can’t believe I missed the name of the geekboy–Philomon is a rather obvious allusion, isn’t it? (Philomon–recipient of one of Paul’s epistles, advising him on how to deal with his escaped slave, Onesimus (which translates as “useful”–irony!), who had converted to Christianity.)

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