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  1. Hackers
    The Man with Two Brains andTop Secret! are considered sucky movies?
    (And while I do considerJohnny Dangerously a sucky movie it still makes me laugh. Fargin’ iceholes! Miserable cork soakers!)

  2. Depends on perception of “sucky”… Some folks consider foreign films “sucky” b/c that means they have to spend effort (if not knowledgeable about the language recorded) reading the bothersome subtitles, even as the movie is ideal. I happen to love foreign movies, particularly the French and Spanish ones.
    As to Hollywood productions – yeah, “Dirty Dancing” was cheesy, but it is a guilty pleasure when it’s on.
    Some people think “The Big Easy” is utter tripe – but I LOVE it…hell, wiry, teh hawt Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin w/her REAL nose – and my fave place New Orleans – yeah, I put it in the DVD player on a regular basis.

  3. “The Core.”
    And if “Johnny Dangerously” is bad, what about “Independence Day?” I’ve only watched that fifteen, twenty times.
    And “Twister.”

  4. I’m gonna have to go with “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension”. Always to be watched with a cold six pack of Corona, which by the fourth bottle, makes the movie understandable. Plus, getting Christopher Lloyd and John Lithgow in the same movie, along with Jeff Goldblum, Clancy Brown and Peter Weller is just too much potential for goofy fun.
    Used to be a monthly thing…now down to every couple of years, but still a blast that leaves one feeling guilty but pleased.

  5. Star Wars. The original one, before George Lucas messed with it. It’s so kitschy it should offend any and every fan of actual science fiction who possesses a shred of dignity, but somehow, I just keep watching it, and watching it, and watching it…

  6. Is Greystoke a horrible movie? My big sister used to call me Greystoke when I was a little kid because of my table manners. I pretty much love any movie with apes in it.

  7. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Seen it at least 100 times, mostly at midnight showings back in the late seventies. Can’t even think about watching it again.

  8. The ’80s version of “Flash Gordon.” Pure liquid shit but completely irresistible. The cast reads like an inventory of talented actors who needed cash for an IRS payoff—Max von Sydow, Timothy Dalton, Brian Blessed, Topol. Best of all, the cheesiest soundtrack ever by Queen. It’s awful, I know, but I love it anyway.

  9. Oh, gosh. Bad movie? Um.
    Silent Rage. Babylon Five’s Vir as a young, overweight, underconfident deputy. Chuck Norris as a rock-star wisecracking small-town sheriff. Some of this was filmed in North Texas, about 20 years before “Walker.”
    Extreme Prejudice, which was the Nick Nolte remake of Lone Wolf McQuade.

  10. Ooh, bad movies I like…
    Sat and watched “Brick” with my husband and loved it. He looked at me like I was crazy when I told him how much I liked it. “This just SUCKS,” he said.
    Another was Robin Williams “What Dreams May Come”, which had both me AND my dad crying our eyes out and loving how beautiful some moments in it were. My mom sat and watched it with us and said, “What? What’s got you all like this? This movie? This movie’s AWFUL!” Thanks, Mom.
    I agree with The Core. And I also really liked the first Transformers movie…and M-I2…and Independence Day… So I’m a sucker for scary-good action sequences. Sue me.

  11. Two old one:
    The Man From Snowy River (a family favorite)
    Strange Brew (Max von Sydow as Brewmeister Smith, the McKenzie Brothers and Hosehead the flying dog) what’s not to like!

  12. Shining Through–there’s something about watching Melanie Griffith in that movie after reading the Esquire Dubious Achievement Awards issue which described her as having been surprised to learn about the Holocaust (the caption: “You tell her about the dinosaurs…”). And the epically bad ending with epically bad makeup. OMG. And what the hell was Sir John Gielgud doing in that movie?
    Oskie, I love the scene in Dante’s Peak with the parboiled people. And the acid lake eating Grandma’s legs. And the fact that the dog is the only marginally intelligent creature in the entire movie.
    And it has to be said: FLASH! AHH-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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