Oscar, Oscar, Oscar

No, this post isn’t about my cat or even fictional super slob Oscar Madison. It’s myannual post-Academy Awards piece, which I decided to share with y’all. It’s rambling, discursive and random. Hmm, that sounds like *all* my posts. Oh well, time for some random thoughts about the Oscar telecast:

This year’s broadcast was pretty
good: Martin and Baldwin were very funny and had some good zingers. It
was interesting to watch Martin play his *original* 1970’s comic
character for the show. It worked pretty well too.

Okay now for the promised random thoughts about en event that I enjoy but don’t take very seriously:

  • I
    got really tired of everyone sucking up to James Cameron. It got to the
    point that every time Cameron’s name came up, I turned to Dr. A and
    said: “Are the going call him a genius or a visionary?” The sub-text
    was: hire me again, o megalomaniacal director.
  • How were they able to fit the giant egos of Cameron, Oprah and Streisand in the hall?
  • What
    was up with fluffing the best actor and actress nominees? They had
    colleagues and whatnot blowing them air kisses. It was really
    embarrassing and ate up 10 minutes of the show.
  • What
    the hell was Sarah Jessica Parker wearing? It looked like a breast
    plate or a shield or something. And she’s allegedly a fashionista.
  • Jeff
    Bridges channeled the Dude in his acceptance speech. I’m glad he won
    because he’s been so consistently good and unhammy over the years.
  • Why
    did Barbra Streisand hand out the Best Director award? Her track record
    as a director is spotty at best. They should just let Marty or Clint do
    it every year.
  • I
    hated the way they relegated the lifetime achievement awards to a
    pre-Oscar banquet. It was particularly egregious to not let Roger
    Corman and Betty Bacall accept in person. The audience did give them a
    standing ovation when they were introduced. But it was tacky, tacky,
  • They snubbed Bacall and Corman whilst featuring Miley Cyrus and variousTwilight
    cast members. Will anybody remember who they are in 10 years? Maybe,
    maybe not. I didn’t recognize quite a few of the Brat Pack when they
    assembled for the tribute to John Hughes.
  • The bad dance numbers must go. This year they tried to be cool and used break dancing to representThe Hurt Locker. Sigh.
  • I got very annoyed listening to the people who madePrecious.They were all self-righteous and sanctimonious. I guess that’s what happens when you hang out with Oprah.
  • It’s
    great that Kathryn Bigelow broke the glass ceiling for movie directors;
    especially since she doesn’t make chick flicks. It was also a bonus
    that her indy film beat out Cameron and his blue behemoth
    only problem is that it didn’t seem to piss Cameron off that his
    ex-wife won. Oh well, one can be philosophical when you’ve made the top
    two grossing flicks of all time.

7 thoughts on “Oscar, Oscar, Oscar

  1. mothra says:

    They started that actor flufffest last year. They really, really, really need to lose it. The only people who like it are the Hollywood types and they sure aren’t the core audience.
    Regarding Cameron: I was told that he put up a chunk of money for “The Hurt Locker,” so he is likely happy because this means the movie will be brought back for another run and will make more money for him. Maybe.

  2. Scott says:

    I skipped this year’s Oscar show, so I missed all the good stuff. I probably would’ve watched if I’d known Corman was getting a Lifetime Achievement Award. And then I’d be mad they didn’t let him accept in person.

  3. pansypoo says:

    pfft. i missed all the stupid dances. but damned pleased avatar did not win.

  4. Pandora says:

    I could not agree more with you on SJP’s dress! I was confused as to how she even kept it on her body!

  5. PurpleGirl says:

    Re SJP’s dress: That silvery thing was probably a Victorian-style floral applique made of ribbon and lace. There’s no mystery as to how the dress stayed up — it was cut to fit her body and had stays of some sort in the top hem. I liked dress.
    I liked the fact that when Bigelow’s name was announced Cameron had a big grin for her. He’s on wife no. 5 now and it’s nice that he’s still on good terms with Bigelow.

  6. Sue says:

    Add this to the list of “Stop it right now”: gowns the color of dishwater. Grey just doesn’t work on camera.
    Other than that, I mostly hung around for the winner announcements and left during speeches, but I stayed to listen to Sandra Bullock and found her funny and classy as usual.

  7. Adrastos says:

    And Bullock didn’t blubber, which best actress winners *almost* always do.

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