“You have a little crush on her”

First, never forget that Liz Cheney (or Bill Kristol) hired this guy.

“I was excited about Palin; I’m more excited about Liz,” he says. “The same sort of excitement you get when you hear her father, except she’s this petite blonde with five kids … There’s just something about her. You see that response across the activist portion of the party. It’s the response you saw to Palin … She gets people worked up. She connects to people. She is in harmony with where the base seems to be. She’s right on the issues.”

But, of course, what politicalconsultant hack Michael Goldfarb said next ended up being the money quote:

“You have a little crush on her,” he gushes. “It’s hard not to.”

So, yeah, ewwwwww, sure. And yeah, ha ha, what a dork. But remember, he’s a hired dork, on theKeep America Safe, aka Liz Cheney (for something, somewhere) in 2012, PAC money payroll.

And this is how he’s selling her, and it’s creepy as shit. This is the message this base can truly understand — What a hot little brood mare! She’s just like her sweet ol’ dad, all Terrorism this, Terrorism that, Obama’s soft on Terror, al Qaeda’s hiding behind your shower curtain, but even better, she has a working uterus! Isn’t that hawt?

And to the base, it really, really, is.

Damn, I missFreakwater

5 thoughts on ““You have a little crush on her”

  1. So the Republicans have now decided to combine the sex sells message with their politics. This is insulting to both men and women, while continuing to avoid campaigning on actual issues that really affect voters. When a political party decides that the best way to increase their support is to get a more attractive mouthpiece to spout their messages, then you know there’s something wrong. The sad thing is this approach will work wonders, just as it has for Sarah Palin.

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