Iron Jawed Angels

Brave women:

Onziema and her partner met playing rugby at a local Kampala club a
couple of years ago. Onziema knew “within five seconds” that she had
met the one, she says. It took her partner a bit longer. Onziema has
known her whole life that she’s gay, but her partner is not out
publicly, and the process of coming to terms with who she is took a
little longer.

After they’d been friends for a few months, Onziema made her move. “There was a kiss,” she grins. “She wasn’t expecting it.”

Since then, the couple have been through a lot together. One year in akuchu relationship — the Luganda word forgay is one that people in the community use to describe themselves — is like 10 years in a heterosexual relationship, kuchus say. That would make Onziema and her partner’s three years more like 30.

Onziema’s partner doesn’t mind that her girlfriend works trying to
protect gay rights and change public opinion in Uganda. But she worries
about the dangers Onziema might face, especially with the bill working
its way through Parliament.


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