5 thoughts on “This explains a lot actually

  1. Jonah Goldberg is not a sci-fi geek. Anybody who turns on BSG and starts writing toasterfucker hate screeds just when the show gets AWESOME is not a true fan.
    Yes, I am going to end up on Fandom Wank about this. I’ve accepted it.

  2. Of course you know that, but it’s about what subculture one puts themselves in, ie what Jonah self-identifies as.
    but by all means, do your post on fandom wank. We all want to read it.

  3. Interesting. Of course, for some reason some folks never mentally graduate from the petty games of high school.
    I got the feeling that Bush would have loved to wedgie a sci-fi geek.
    I just was on the jury selection process of a case where (I’m guessing from what I’ve heard) a slur against a girlfriend led to a posse forming to deliver a honor-avenging whoop-ass which led to a death.

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