Happy Democrat Videos: Nancy and Louise Editions

Because seriously, they laid the SMACK DOWN yesterday. I watched nine hours of C-Span, NINE HOURS, because I love you and know you would want me to do that, so I got to see Louise Slaughter take the Republicans’ lunch money about a million times:

And then Nancy’s milkshake brought all the boys to the yard:

I really don’t think it can be overstated, how crazy tough Nancy Pelosi had to be to get this bill through the House, with Stupak Stupak-ing all over the place and conseravtive Democrats running scared and even Obama being all, “It’s my bill, no it’s not, I want this, no I don’t, you’re on your own, except I KEEL YOU if you fail” all the time.


4 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Videos: Nancy and Louise Editions

  1. Agreed.
    Re Obama’s last minute prominence after the on-again/off-again, I must say, I think what he did needed to be done at that moment (not that we couldn’t have used him earlier too).

  2. I was as unhappy as anyone when Obama was waffling for the past year, more interested in appeasing Repubs than getting a health care reform bill passed. But, the bill got passed! He succeeded. I think he could have succeeded last Summer, but I know he succeeded this Spring. Success is success, however you arrive there, and Obama succeeded. Maybe he isn’t as stupid as I thought.

  3. Louise Slaughter busting out her Kentucky grandmother charm AND her Master of Science in Fucking Microbiology (for reals) in the same brutal finishing move. She’s every kind of awesome.

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