How We Live Now

100-year-old woman facing eviction from her farm:

One of the great treasures in our area needs help.

You might not have heard of Agnes Albinger, but you should know what’s happening to her.

For the past 60 years, Albinger has farmed a little bit of
everything by herself on approximately 70 acres she owns along
Interstate 57 in Monee. Some of her best success came raising kids – 40
foster children have called the Albinger farm their home.

When she turned 100 in August, more than 60 people threw a party in her honor at a pub in town.

An institution in eastern Will County farm country? Definitely.

Feisty? Oh, yeah.

“I still make my own food and wash my own dishes,” she said from her
porch last week. “I read every newspaper I can, every book. From the
waist up, there is nothing wrong with me.

“I was born in 1909. What do you want? Miracles?”

But that’s what needs to happen for Albinger to stay on her farm much longer – a miracle.

Peotone Bank and Trust initiated foreclosure proceedings on the property last year.


5 thoughts on “How We Live Now

  1. oh, there ought to be some way to stop this bank. do they want the land to develop for strip malls?

  2. The story sounds as if a family member has gotten a pile of money using the famr as collateral and a bargaining chip.

  3. Want to put a stop to almost all foreclosure?
    Demand that the mortgager produce the original signed mortgage documents.
    If they cannot, they have no standing.
    this has worked in many a foreclosure proceedings as the current mortgage holder rarely has the documents to prove legitimate rights to the contract.
    The UCC, which all 50 states have adopted, governs all commercial dealings in this country and even a halfway competent attorney will be able to beat this one on simple contact law.

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