Journalism’s Future: Not Enough News!

“For-profit news orgs won’t create enough journalism.”

This assumes they’re creating enough journalistm (and guys, it’s “doing journalism” or my personal favorite, “committing journalism”) now. Which, erm, fuck no.

On the upside, nonprofits are helping journalism move toward a more
collaborative model, Downie said. In the old days, newspapers resisted
ideas and assistance from outside. But in the new news ecosystem,
collaboration is a way of life. “All of our ideas have been changed
about that,” he said.

Well, newspapers used to have enough people that they didn’t NEED anybody from any other organization to help out. But that was before 30 years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanos, dogs and cats, living together, and Conrad Fucking Black.

Also a plus: Big foundations and the public at large are warming to the
idea that news organizations are deserving of their support, just like
the symphony or any other nonprofit that contributes to society’s
cultural assets. “There’s a question of whether there’s enough public
realization,” Downie said. “I think we’re heading to that direction.
Awareness is growing steadily.”

Sigh. Communities have always supported newspapers they view as serving their interests, as informing and entertaining and helping them. It’s only lately that we’ve begun to be lectured as consumers about how it’s so terrible we’ve lost interest in publications that have lost interest in us.

It’s not clear that all the nonprofits that have launched in recent
years will survive. “How many will succeed and for how long?” Downie
wondered. A related question: How will the collaborative model will
settle out, and where nonprofits will find productive niches?

Downie said he also has been watching nonprofits wrestle with theissue of credibility — how to achieve it and how to keep it.

The answer begins with editorial independence and transparency about financial supporters, Downie said.

YOU FIRST, slick. Nonprofit newspapers and media companies (that have existed for a century-plus, some of them) have no need to answer to anyone at the Washington Fucking Post.


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