Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart, Cut the Cord: Caprica Thread



I think it’s easy to lose sight of the deal here, which is that as
much as Daniel is capable of love, he’s essentially a cold person who
sees other people as tools. The robot, the daughter. You can love
someone and use them at the same time: Just ask God. But while the
tenor of his speech — the very fact that he’s the only one talking —
might lead you to sympathize, to see Zoë through his eyes, as a spoiled brat, she’s only a brat insofar as she’s not doing what he
wants. And women are always the biggest bitches when they don’t do what
we want, aren’t they?

Which is the reason, always, that we have to hide. It’s easier and
more powerful to be an object when the alternative is hatred. Zoë’s
only power, and she’s said this more than once, is hiding inside her
magnificent new body. Pretending there’s nobody home. And I think probably it’s hard for some
people to understand how that works, because they never got the hang of
it — or never had to — for themselves. If your body, or your
sexuality, have never been commodified, then I think it’s probably
difficult to understand the alternatives, of which you’ve been lucky
enough to remain ignorant.

Which is the story of anyone who’s been abused, physically or otherwise: You think you can make yourself very still, very quiet, and maybe they won’t hit you. Maybe they won’t even notice you to mock you. Maybe you won’t screw up, if you just lay low, and don’t talk, and don’t move. So you make yourself smaller, and hide in plain sight, and try to be something nobody takes any notice of. You try to be Zoe, inside the robot, listening impassively as the person she used to love and admire makes a mockery of everything she ever thought he meant.

Problem is, it never really works to protect you. You always find a way to annoy your abuser. You always knock over a glass of milk at the dinner table. You always say the wrong thing, or the thing that was right five minutes ago, but is horrible now. You always, always, always break the eggshells you walk on. And eventually you realize the walls you built around yourself aren’t keeping the bullies out, they’re just keeping you in.

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  1. The problem with depression, for the person living with the person living with it, is that it largely manifests itself as sitting on the couch eating Lucky Charms out of the box
    “But you don’tlook sick…”

  2. I guess there might be a chance Amanda isn’t really dead, but I doubt it turns out that way. On one hand, I wish the character had served a greater purpose, had been allowed to develop into her own. On the other, she (along with Clarise) brought the requisite crazy that has always been part of BSG canon. She brought half of what Zoe is and will be for however long she’s replicated. The impetuous,soulful,emotional half of Zoe that counters the steeliness and braininess Daniel gave her. Loved how, as if her final moments on the bridge weren’t sad enough, one of the last things we see of her is the scar on her wrist. She was a plastic surgeon, her job was to fix stuff like that, but she still carried it. These writers are such heartbreakers.
    Evelyn is too much woman for sadsack Joe but I’m in the camp that thinks Willie isn’t Bill Adama, and if that is true and Evelyn and Joe are the parents of the Bill Adama we know and love, we can see where he gets the balls.
    Zoe-Avatar isn’t dead, despite her suicide run and the intent behind it. In the preview that followed the credits, she’s shown fighting Tamara-A. I assume that means she’s in New Cap City, and I’m not at sure how that’s going to happen, but it was definitely the two of them. Which will totally kick ass.
    I think Jacob and I are the only big Lacy fans. Talk about heartbreak- she ends up with less than nothing, her loyalty and strategies all shot to hell and she doesn’t even know the person she thought she was killing survived.
    Nice job, show. Things are all broken and busted to hell.

  3. Dammit – I really need to watch this. At the earliest, it’ll be Monday morning or afternoon.

  4. had we really seen that bicycle/STO flyer before this ep? all of that my-cell/your-cell stuff was very out of the blue to me…
    it’d be interesting to see Zoebot turned over to Vergis.

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