Harryfest? Harrystock? Teafest? Teastock?

The capital of Wingnuttia moves tomorrow to Searchlight, Nevada: Harry Reid’s hometown. The tea party types are calling this covergence of assholes, cretins, jerks and malakas a “conservative Woodstock.” Sounds derivative to me, y’all.

So, full of my customary desire to be helpful (I may be full of something else too) I’ve offered a few humble suggestions in the post title. Any thoughts, gentle, genteel and even gentile readers?

Since the teabaggers mentioned Woodstock, man (one should never say Woodstock without a man, after it, man) here’s some New Left music for the New Right or something like that:

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3 thoughts on “Harryfest? Harrystock? Teafest? Teastock?

  1. aimai says:

    Over at Balloon Juice a commenter came up with “Laughingstock: Summer of Hate.”
    I think that, and another version “Galt-amount” are the best summations so far.


  2. Linkmeister says:

    “Up against the wall, m***** f*****”
    Funfactnon sequitur: when they mixed “The Worst of Jefferson Airplane” they put “Volunteers” and “We Can Be Together” back-to-back, probably because the chord progressions in both songs are exactly the same.


  3. Adrastos says:

    The Airplane were also known to do the two songs together as a medley but usually with WCBT as the first number. Good stuff.


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