Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Hope and Exploding Cigars edition

p>My God – is it Monday morning already? Time funs when you’re having a good fly.

Well, let’s get going – those drums of Freeper stupid aren’t going to open themselves.

OK – they did last week, but that was due to the Our Sarah and the Their Sarah factions getting it on inside the drums and causing them to burst. I’ve installed acrimony release valves in each drum, so that won’t happen again.

First the setup:

Set to Announce Huge Endorsement

The Shark Tank and other ^

| April 2, 2010
| by Javier Manjarres

Posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 1:18:30

Posted April 1st, 2010 by Javier Manjarres

The Shark Tank has just received word from a very reliable
source that U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio will receive an
endorsement from one of the most prominent names in politics, and that
it will be announced on Monday April 5th. The Rubio for Senate campaign
will hold a press conference to make the formal announcement at:

The Renaissance Ballrooms located at 2340 SW 32
Avenue in Coral Gables, Florida at 10:30 AM. All are invited to attend.

As for who the mystery endorser is, ‘mum’ is the word for now.
The editors of the Shark Tank have promised to keep their jaws shut and
be content to lurk the depths of the coastal waterways until the
appointed time. I will add that loyalty to friends and family is of
paramount concern in this crazy political world we choose to live in,
and backstabbing will ultimately come around to bite you in the fin.
hint hint, wink wink

div class=”a2″>To: PhiKapMom

Gotta be either Jeb or Palin. Could be Cheney I suppose, but his
endorsements haven’t been real productive lately.

posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 1:19:54 PM

div class=”a2″>To: PhiKapMom


Must be that Governor Palin is going to visit Florida,
there’s NO way that “mum” refers to Cheney or Jeb Bush or any other

posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 1:24:17 PM
byhennie pennie

My personal favourite in this thread – “Tell me what I think!!”

To: PhiKapMom


posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 1:27:12 PM
byMr. K
(This administration IS WEARING OUT MY CAPSLOCK KEY!)

Son – if you need somebody to tell you who you like, you don’t need to be voting.

Oh – and BTW –


To: ilgipper

hint hint, wink wink

That makes me think it could be Sarah..wink wink..could that be a
hint? If it were Jeb Bush, I doubt that would warrant a press
conference..just a written statement would be enough

posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 1:28:32 PM
bySarah Barracuda

p>Then the exploding cigar!

Giuliani to endorse Rubio on Monday

Hot Air ^

| April 2, 2010
| Allahpundit

Posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 4:53:19
byFree ThinkerNY

The Shark Tank was hinting yesterday about a major endorsement to
come next week, although I wasn’t sure if that was an April Fools joke
or not. And if it wasn’t, I figured the obvious suspects were Palin or,
more importantly, Jeb Bush.


Former New York
Mayor Rudy Giuliani will campaign with Senate candidate Marco Rubio.

The two will appear together Monday in Miami, where Giuliani is
expected to endorse Rubio in the Republican primary against Gov. Charlie

In a statement released by the Rubio campaign, Giuliani
said, “Marco Rubio is one of the Republican Party’s true rising stars.
He’s a bold leader who will bring common sense to Washington where it’s
badly needed.”

Why is one of the party’s most famous RINOs siding
against the moderate in the race? Let’s join Mark Halperin and John
Heilemann on the campaign trail in 2007…

In July, ‘07, Crist
visited with Giuliani in the Hamptons: “I’d like to support you,” Crist

The next day, Giuliani shared the news with his aide Tony
Carbonetti. “I think we got him; it went very well,” Giuliani said.

Carbonetti was familiar enough with Giuliani’s lexicon to know what
that meant: Rudy thought it was a done deal. Seeing Giuliani’s strong
poll numbers in Florida, Crist had apparently concluded that Rudy was
the horse to ride. Carbonetti, a no-nonsense fixer who’d been Rudy’s
chief of staff at City Hall, followed up with Crist’s main political
guy, George LeMieux, flying to Tallahassee to meet with him and plan the


To: Free ThinkerNY

oh geez…

this was the ‘big announcement’?

Please, guiliani- go home and shut up.. You have your time in charge
and look what has happened.

posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 5:00:35 PM
byMr. K
(This administration IS WEARING OUT MY CAPSLOCK KEY!)

div class=”a2″>To: Free ThinkerNY

Mixed feelings about Rude. He runs for president, which he had
little chance of winning because of his NY lib, Republican credentials.
But he won’t run for governor or senator, where a win would be a big win
for the Republican party. Still, he wants to be a player, but not where
he could do the most good.

Go back to consulting, Rudy.

posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 5:11:40 PM

div class=”a2″>To: Mr. K

Rudy might be big in helping transplanted New Yorkers (there are
MANY here in Florida) vote for Marco.

But in my book, Rudy ain’t that big.

posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 5:24:29 PM

div class=”a2″>To: Gosh I love this neighborhood

“Rudy would have fared MUCH better against Obama than McLame.

And he would have been a much better president. At least he loves our

I totally disagree. Rudy is a huge liberal, and because he had the R
behind his name would not only have gotten libs behind his policy
agendas, but Republicans who felt obligated to support him because of
his position as “head of the party.” A Giuliani presidency would have
been, probably, even more horrid than Obama’s has been because he would
have the bipartisan support for liberal policies that Obama has lacked.

posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 5:25:48 PM

div class=”a2″>To: Free ThinkerNY

Why is this supposed to make me feel better about Rubio? It only
makes me suspect that Rubio is selling out to the RINO RNC!

posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 5:50:11 PM

div class=”a2″>To: nonliberal; Rose of Sharon

Yes, that was really apparent when he ran wimpering with his tail
between his leg from Hillary Clinton. He isn’t in the top 50% of the
toughest New Yorkers with a gigantic lisp.

posted onFriday, April 02, 2010 6:22:01 PM

That’sh very easy for you to thay, Nick.

More hysteria after the jump…

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  1. MapleStreet says:

    “A Canadian friend tried to convince me that socialized health care was a great thing”
    Could someone explain what happened. A couple of months ago, everyone on FR was saying that they talk to Canadians regularly and none of them like socialized medicine.
    Has the magnetic shift of the north pole reversed Canada’s position?

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