*W.W.T.F.U.S. — The Fourteenth of April, That is Ruination Day

Lincoln, the Titanic, Black Sunday, and nowPalin and Boston Tea Partiers.

Palin Patrick Semansky/Bloomberg News

Let’s be extra careful out there today, people. The crazy is strong with them, and yea verily I say unto thee, theirbatshit runs deep as does a mighty river.

Let us also fervently hopethis week passes without becoming even moreruinous.

April iscruel enough already.


*Wednesday Wake the F*ck Up Song

12 thoughts on “*W.W.T.F.U.S. — The Fourteenth of April, That is Ruination Day

  1. Wow! In that pic, Sewer Palin looks like the crazy homeless bat on the bus that she’ll hopefully be once she forgets to pay taxes on her $12M take…

  2. There are many ways to be woken up, dear sweet liprap. :,) Don’t be messing with my linking up stuff, miz lady.
    but damn, I do love Elvis Presley Blues. “Put on a shirt his mother made and he went on the air.”
    “he shook it like a Harlem queen”
    I will have something loud and obnoxious next week, I promise.

  3. oh, liprap, as you prolly remember, Revelator came out right around 9/11, like the day before or earlier that week. That album is a direct sense connection to 9/11 for me. It’s probably all I listened to that whole month. Sometimes I would listen to it because I knew I needed to cry but couldn’t and I knew it would make me.

  4. I’ve got to admit that I’m surprised the Tea Baggers haven’t been on the TV advocating the tried and true:
    That the Income tax is unconstitutional. The govt doesn’t have the power to impose a tax on income. Filling out 5th amendment returns. etc.
    Of course, I hear the IRS has a real jolly sense of humor about these legal arguments. But as the Conservatives normally advocate stiffer penalties and longer jail times, why not test that with jail time for these folk?
    For my next legal argument: Reading the 2nd amendment, why can’t I keep some nukes in my house? Note the stated reason for the 2nd amendment is for the milita. And what army could be effective without nukes?

  5. Maple, go for it. Once you allow automatic weapons under the 2 AMD, you might as well just go all out.
    Or at the very least stockpile some enriched uranium.
    After all, you got the justification of “Well the bad guys have it.”

  6. So, I take it the Duchess of Ducats, her royal pain in the ass Sewer Palin will not be handing over her fair share of her $12M for taxes…? She’s spouting anti-tax crap at the Boston Teabagger Orgy, er teaparty…UGH! Can’t she fall into the depths of her own inanity and drown???

  7. Hi Elspeth,
    I’d imagine that doing taxes for someone on a travel basis would have plenty of areas for expansive interpretations.
    Obviously, the speaking fee is direct payment for hire. But what about if you buy her a dress? How do you report the freebies you picked up (think Palin’s family before the?Oscars? where she demanded private access to the goodies room, picked up stuff, had her family’s hair coiffured, etc. What is a business expense and what was a service performed and what is the reasonable expense that has to be declared?)

  8. The Tea Party Express is a fundraising vehicle for — wait for it — the Tea Party Express creators!
    They are a group of GOP consultants who use the local tax payer services to provide security, parking and venues while bitching about taxes. They also use government services while protesting government. Too bad they didn’t do all this fundraising on private land instead of public parks.

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