Channeling Their Inner Voices


Just as I’ve considered George W. Bush to be a blend of the worst blue-blooded arrogance and redneck “intellect,” so too theRethugs these days seem to combine that same Bush acumen with the psyche of one Dick Nixon

Conflating a stylized symbol of a hydrogen molecule with “Muslim” flags? Calling them unhinged would be giving a little too much credit…

5 thoughts on “Channeling Their Inner Voices

  1. Nixon, right now, is sitting in hell, smoking cigars with Saddam Hussein going, “God DAMN, the stuff I could have gotten away with if I’d been in these fuckers’ shoes. Amateurs.”

  2. Bush wasn’t a redneck, he just pretended to be one. As James McMurtry said, “You don’t hearJeb Bush saying “newk-u-lar.”

  3. No he wasn’t, and I say this as one who is.
    Everything he was/did/is/stood for came from blue blood privilege and oil money. Poor white trash doesn’t get into private schools and Yale.

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