The Chauncey Gardiner Of South Carolina

TPM has done a mash-up of mystery manAlvin Greene’s post-election interviews. Holy, Being There, Batman. I’m always grateful when another state’s politics are wackier than Louisiana. Thanks, Palmetto bug state:

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2 thoughts on “The Chauncey Gardiner Of South Carolina

  1. When I heard the first Olbermann interview, I was shocked at how softly and persistently O was leading Greene and still not getting a decent conversation. Almost like talking to a 2 YO. Now on this video I hear Faux pseudo-news doing the same.
    Having lived in SC for 15 years, I stronly urge you to look at Clyburn saying that dirty tricks are possible – the repubs pulling dirty tricks is a state tradition. (I also ask why the dems have never protected themselves against them!!!) Apparently, in some districts, Greene got more votes than were actually cast.

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