Conservative Humor

Oh, God, so tiresome:

“Christians, Jews and non-believers are saying, ‘Enough is
enough,'” says Brent Bozell, president of Media Research Center and a
CARB founder. “There’s room for comedy when it comes to religion, but
Comedy Central’s desire to mock and ridicule Jesus Christ and God goes
beyond the pale.”

Syndicated radio host and CARB member Michael Medved, a
longtime observer of all things Hollywood, says the network would never
develop shows that exploit stereotypes of other religions or other
types of believers. “They’d never satirize Mohammed with a show called
‘The Big Mo’ or ridicule Jews with a show called ‘The Greedy
Goldbergs.’ Those ideas would obviously be offensive. They just
wouldn’t do it. Why does this thinking not apply to Christians?”

Those ideasalso aren’t funny.They’re not interesting, or original, and really, the “Jews are greedy” stereotype is still a thing? Still? And what would satirizing Mohammed even be about? Without some context, The Big Mo sounds like something on the TGI Friday’s menu you’d never want to order.

The thing about what Comedy Central’s resident geniuses (also the folks at Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim) do is that it’s notjust offensive. Every Chipster douchebag watching in his dorm room thinks he can do it, because hey, he knows some nasty, fratty jokes about bitches, too!America’s College Newspaper Opinion Columnist, Bill Maher, suffers from this same problem, throwing some casual anti-Muslim bigotry out there because it’s just so terribly shocking and we should all be in awe of his courage. But if all you’re doing is being pointlessly offensive with some oldsauce jokes, like how Jews like money or something, nobody’s laughing, and if they’re not laughing, you’re not getting through.

I keep flashing back to The Onion’s post-9/11 issue, especially this story:

Pearson, who had never before expressed feelings of patriotism in
cake form, attributed the baking project to a loss of direction. Having
already donated blood, mailed a check to the Red Cross, and sent a
letter of thanks to the New York Fire Department, Pearson was aimlessly
wandering from room to room in her apartment when the idea of creating
the confectionery stars and stripes came to her.

“My friends Cassie and Patrick [Overstreet] invited me over to have
dinner and just talk about, you know, everything,” said Pearson, a
Topeka legal secretary who has never visited and knows no one in either
New York or Washington, D.C. “I thought I’d make something special or
do something out of respect for all of the people who died. All those
innocent people. All those rescue workers who lost their lives.”

I hate to call something in The Onion “loving” or “compassionate” but this story actually is. I mean, it’s about the ridiculous need to participate in something that had nothing to do with you, it’s about American narcissism and uselessness, but it’s also a recognition that in amongst all that selfishness are some good intentions painfully lacking an outlet. There’s an important point beneath the shock value, and one not a lot of people were making in September of nine years ago.

(This is, incidentally, why the whole Danish cartoon thing was so fucking stupid. The cartoons weren’t very good. If you’re going to stick your dick in a bees’ nest, you should at least attempt to do it in a somewhat skilled fashion.)

(See also DaVinci Code, The.)



6 thoughts on “Conservative Humor

  1. Also, what the fuck?
    Dude–Comedy Central makes fun of Jews like it’s going out of style. Do these tools even watch the networks they bitch about?
    The Daily Show goes after everyone. And I mean everyone.
    But here’s the thing that these douches don’t understand about satire and humor–they have to be relevant to the culture you’re in. It’s hard to have a lot of good American satire about Islam; not a lot of people know much about it in this country. It’s why Comedy Central can make jokes about American politicians, but not about, say, Ecuadorian ones. Very few people in the US know dick about Ecuadorian politics. It’s just not relevant. You can’t make fun of something your audience isn’t going to know about.
    Dear religio-tards: Your televisions come equipped with several buttons. There are ones to change the channel, and ones to turn it off altogether.
    Also, I’m working on something for later that compares people like Bozell and Donald Wildmon to people who object to hearing the word “fuck” in public. They are, it would seem, cut from the same cloth.

  2. I’m having a hard time believing that “Christians, Jews, and non-believers are saying, ‘Enough is enough.'” The atheists are probably laughing loudest at the jokes, and the Jews are telling the Christians they should toughen up if they can’t take a little razzing.

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