I knew there was something else disturbing about that “Gather your armies” ad

Sorry to hop out of my box here, but it hit me almost immediately what that execrable Rick Barber ad reminded me of.

p>The Evil League of Evil (ELE) !!(From Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog)

Don’t believe me?

His ad only featuresFake Thomas Jefferson, that’s all.

p>Rick Barber ad:



Evil League of Evil:



Fake Thomas Jefferson:


Fake Thomas Jefferson (portrayed by Drew Goddard) is a member of
theEvil League of Evil. He dresses in an
exaggerated 18th-century Colonial outfit, including a tri-corner hat and
a decorated pink sash. He claims to be the real Thomas Jefferson (no
one believes him), and says he has the strength of three men, or five
slaves, depending on your unit of measurement. He is adept in
horticulture and architecture, and longs to be the Vice President of the
Evil League of Evil. He andDead
have had confrontations on this subject, usually ending with
Bowie referring to FTJ as a “kiss-arse”.


I think not.

p>Also, what Doug Kendall said.

5 thoughts on “I knew there was something else disturbing about that “Gather your armies” ad

  1. Is this part of The League of Unimaginatively Named Supervillains?
    – Evilo & Evilina
    P.S. I think the comics went for TLoUNS because they were afraid some kids might not be able to figure out which side to use for role models.

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