Lone Star State Dumbassery

Winger Texas Congressman Joe Barton apologized to BP this morning for the “shakedown” aka the compensation escrow account.The GOP leadership is shitting itself, Barton has apologized for the apology and Robert Gibbs jumped down Barton’s throat and punched his tonsils. Fun times in our nation’s capital:

11 thoughts on “Lone Star State Dumbassery

  1. Nothing like defending a foreign corporation that has defiled the Gulf Coast and wrecked American jobs.
    (Obviously, I think the GOP contortions are more fear of the image they will get with the people rather than a case of the morals).

  2. Fellow Texass gooper, Louie Gomer is looking on with envy at Barton thinking: “Why couldn’t it be me kissing BP ass?!?!?!”

  3. I am surprised Barton could actually utter an apology, what with all the BP execs’ cocks stuffed down his throat and all.

  4. So mothra,
    are you saying the top kill and junk shot were actually procedures to be used to stop congress critters from talking? 😉

  5. I don’t think the job of fluffer pays all that well but that appears to be what Barton is aiming for. When even BP is disgusted by your attempts at giving a handy you are a pretty sad excuse for a human being.

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