Thurgood or Thurbad?

Wingnut Gooper Senators really, really don’t like one of the greatest lawyers in American history, Justice Thurgood Marshall. Why?They don’t really know why but they know what they don’t like and that’s activism except when they like it as inBush v. Gore orCitizens United. They also know they don’t like Elena Kagan because she clerked for Justice Marshall and, almost as bad, Judge Abner Mivka, a known Chicago Democrat. And they know they don’t like them because they’re Thurbad or some such unknowable shit. Know what I’m saying?

It all reminds me of a Peter Gabriel era Genesis tune, which is either prog or glam. Oh well, it’s only rock and roll but I like it more than I do thatpinhead Jeff Sessions:

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6 thoughts on “Thurgood or Thurbad?

  1. If ol’ Beauregard Sessions were any more ham-headed, he’d be required to go to work with pineapple slices on his ears…

  2. Other than the Roberts Court performing fellatio on corporate America and the police state I’m feeling good about the future of the country. Republicans seem hellbent on keeping their thumb on the scale of bigotry and that’s not a great strategy when you no longer form the majority of voters. If only the Senate could fix their ridiculous rules to reflect democracy and Dems eek out a small majority this election I don’t see Republicans ever getting back into the majority until they learn to stop hating people of color.

  3. Don’t you long for the old days when the GOP (and Dixiecrats) would just come right out and say, “He’s a goddamned jigaboo!” At least then they were honest about where they were coming from.

  4. Aaaargh, no I don’t long for those days. I lived through too many of those days. Honesty that is grossly insulting and harmful to others is no virtue. I do long for the days, if they ever existed, when American voters had a heart.

  5. The problem is, now they can pretend to be responsible and respectful, while they’re still the vile monsters they always were. They’re much more dangerous now.

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