13 thoughts on “Same As It Ever Was

  1. Well isn’t this in bad taste? OK, I laughed, and I read and re-read it. And, yes I enjoyed the experience. And, truly I won’t shed a tear when the power goes off. And, the world will suddenly become a better place. But, it’s still in bad taste, as much as I like it.

  2. With all this hardware inside him, Cheney is truly becoming part of the Borg.

  3. As I said over at the Crackden, when he dies, I will have a party and EVERYONE IS INVITED.
    I will also find out where he is buried and go there to dance on his grave.
    Seriously. This man has been behind so many evil, rotten things in this country for decades, not just the Bush decade. It will cause me ZERO grief to see him off this planet. I also hope he enjoys what hell has to offer.

  4. Yeah, I thought about the bad taste thing…but you reap what you sow, and Big Time set the bar so low it might as well be in the molten core.
    About the ONLY sympathy I’d have for him is that should his days be numbered, you can bet the wingers would go all wailing and gnashing of teeth over the martyr to Obamacare…even though Dick’s health insurance is probably some mix and match of Medicare and Government Retiree.
    Go figure.

  5. I just checked: In 2007 about 4 1/2 people died every minute. Presumably that rate is at least that high this year. Death is a natural occurrence, something we all do. This will be one thing Dick Cheney will do that is absolutely normal, possibly the first thing. However, when he does it I fully expect to see the days brighten, the birds sing louder, the butterflies become more colorful, and people all over the world begin to feel much better. It will be his best contribution to the world.

  6. If Cheney got a heart replacement, it would be like the reverse Grinch Who Stole Christmas — instead of growing three sizes too large, it would immediately shrink to two sizes too small…before fading into nothingness, like when you shut off an old TV.

  7. Seems to me that he has been showing declining health for a couple of years now and is a rather serious point.
    OTOH, I really worry about Rove as he seems anxious to continue leading the dirty tricks dept.

  8. @ mothra:
    dance? no, not dance. something else on his grave, perhaps.
    btw, since biggus dickus no longer has a pulse, does he still have a reflection?

  9. Despite the name, I’m not much of a ghoul. However, I celebrated when Reagan died and I will do so when this arch-demon croaks.

  10. I am reminded of an old Monty Python bit about Richard Nixon getting an asshole transplant — and the asshole rejecting him.

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