Starting to Not See A Way Out


Unemployment is stucknear ten percent,
and that will sink the Democrats in Congress if it does not come down.
The only possible exception would be if they put forth another big
stimulus bill and forced Republicans to spend a long, hot summer
blocking it in the most high profile way possible – with an actual
filibuster. The various procedural maneuvers Republicans have used to
bring the Senate to a crawl donot really register outside the Beltway. In a way that makes sense; Democrats have the
majority, and if they cannot implement their policies with it they
deserve to be judged on that. Voters do not, and should not, care about
why things are not getting done, they just care that they are not.

Agreed, but my concern is that the perception is largely that Democrats haven’t gotten things done because they’re too busy giving all your money to illegals and gays and welfare cheats and people who smoke crack in the hallways of the high schools and ruined all the good neighborhoods back in the day.

I’m not talking specifics, of course, because you don’t lose a message war talking specifics, but generally every idiot on TV on Sunday is blathering about the deficit somehow causing the recession, because these people are idiots. And from these idiots come editorials and from those editorials comes this self-reinforcing talking-point horseshit until it filters down to Sarah Palin’s tweets and then it starts back up the ladder again, every iteration dumber than the last.

So Democrats do put forth the massive stimulus bill up there, and Republicans do filibuster it, and inevitably it will be the Republicans’ Brave Last Stand for Freedom and there will be a chyron and a song on Fox and usually I’m not this gloomy, but it’s been a long week and I don’t see how we win that argument any more than we win the last year and a half back. I’m the first to say make them eat it and choke, but that only works when you have a way to get the message out about who is doing the eating and the choking.


To hear the party bigwigs speak, you’d think there had never been a
netroots movement that put Howard Dean in charge of the DNC, and thus
created the 50-state strategy that put the Democrats in the position
where they evenhave control of the House and Senate to worry about losing!

The perception that all your hard-earned money is going to people who will buy booze with their food stamps or whatever the fuck when the Democrats take office, like it’s a faucet that gets turned on the morning after inauguration day, is largely a creation of the Wingnut Welfare Machine and the Sunday Show morons and their willing accomplices. The only way Democrats ever got around that, or ever will again, is bynot giving a fuck about Republican media approval.

Howard Dean demonstrably did not give a damn if Republicans and Cokie Roberts thought he was an asshole. The netroots movement that supported himhoped Republicans and Cokie Roberts thought they were assholes. Howard’s other ride was YOUR MOM and he didn’t care who knew it, and if there’s one thing the American people like, it’s somebody with balls. I really thought at some point we’d all twig to this and not have to remind grown-ass congressmen it was okay to come out from under the bed, but it seems every fuckin’ election we have to have this re-education course on this bullshit.


9 thoughts on “Starting to Not See A Way Out

  1. Democrats have shown by their words and deeds(or lack thereof)that they have no intention of changing the way they “govern”. They care far more about what David Brooks is writing about them than they do about getting shit done. They are dominated by media approval.

  2. Look at the way Howard Dean has been completely marginalized since Obama took office. That alone should speak volumes.

  3. Obama hasn’t given the Repugs a single thing to really wail about, but, they have, and at high volume, and that should have been an object lesson for this White House–go along with the bastards or don’t, they still complain bitterly. They’re long overdue to have the red, white & blue dick shoved up their assholes for a while, instead of us.
    But, let’s be real for a moment. To do that, Obama would have had to get all the Blue Dogs to heel. One would think he had the right guy next to him to do exactly that, but, shit, how’s that worked out?
    So, ultimately, this has come down to Obama playing by the Repugs’ and the Blue Dogs’ rules, instead of the other way around. And, given the threats against the Progressive Caucus, and the support for the likes of Lieberman and Lincoln and the tete-a-tetes with Graham on the issues, I’d say that’s the way Obama intended it to come down.
    It hasn’t worked, and if the elections go sour on him, he’s the one to be doing the soul-searching, not me. Hell, any of us could have told him how to win on the issues, and to get his message out. First of all, the policy and the message have to go hand in hand. Calling the health reform package “historic” just further alienates the people who were shut out of the process. Pleading for support to pass a financial reform bill that just plain stinks of collusion with Wall Street doesn’t make the people who understand the implications all warm and fuzzy. Adopting every goddamned Bush assault on the Constitution and adding a few new ones is guaranteed to further whittle away his base.
    Obama ignored a fundamental rule of politics. You dance with those what brung ya. And the Repugs and the Blue Dogs didn’t bring him to where he is now.

  4. Another fundamental rule of politics:
    People do not want to have things explained to them. They want something that reinforces their viewpoint and validates their fears and their pride.

  5. OBAMA 2012! He’s not as bad as Bush!
    Does that seem like a winning slogan, like “It’s the Economy, Stupid”?
    During the election season in 2008 many people accused Obama of being nothing more than a good speech reader, lots of sweet words, nothing behind them. I laughed that off. It aint funny now.
    But, OBAMA 2012, He’s not as bad as Bush!

  6. unemployment is lower in red states.
    the fed has to raise interest rates or lowering them to spur groth doesn’t work. can’t go below 0. greenspan was an idiot. even trying to create a good economy for georgee, it still was pitiful.

  7. Considering that a lot of the Democratic failures have been due to rather archane parlimentary procedures, what do you say we make a set of procedures that don’t allow anonymous holds. Don’t require a 60% vote to get to the floor, etc.

  8. Well, there seems to be a consensus.
    The first Democratic President of the 2000s is a failure.
    I disagree, but that’s just me.

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