Taxed Enough Already

If only someone would letthose hardworking rich people off the hook once in a while:

Imprisoned former media baron Conrad M. Black is fighting a $71 million bill from theU.S. Internal Revenue Service, which says from 1998 to 2003 he filed no tax returns and paid absolutely nothing on $120 million in taxable income.

In a previously unreported lawsuit inU.S. Tax Court,
Black, now serving a six-and-a-half-year-sentence in a Florida federal
prison, is challenging the IRS’ demands and asserting the income in
question wasn’t taxable in the U.S.

Black is not the only convicted former top official of Hollinger being
pursued by the IRS. The agency says F. David Radler, publisher of theChicago Sun-Times
for most of Hollinger’s ownership, also failed to file returns for the
same years, paid zip on $111 million in taxable income and owes $66
million. After admitting fraud and testifying against Black, Radlerdrew a 29-month sentence
but was released after just 10 months. Now running a small newspaper
company in Canada, Radler also is fighting the IRS in his lawsuit just
filed inTax Court.

It’s a good thing they haven’t gone Galt or we’d all be really sorry now.


6 thoughts on “Taxed Enough Already

  1. “It’s a good thing they haven’t gone Galt or we’d all be really sorry now.”
    I’m already sorry.

  2. Lord Black of Fuckyouimrich can go Galt anytime he wants. I’d be personally happy to take up a collection to send him somewhere where he can build his own personal civilisation using nothing but his resources and innate genius.
    Like, say, Mars.

  3. To quote the best rastafarian accountant of the future: “I’d like to put the little bastard in a sack and toss the sack in a river and hurl the river into space.”

  4. Just how hard is it for the IRS to assign one person to run anyone in the “news” or in business to enter their name and see if they paid taxes?
    A bill requiring this to happen would make billions appear out of nowhere.
    Remember the chairman of the Fed and the Treasury Secretary filed false returns?

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