Gonna Git Yer Guns

The NRA andits “evolving” mission:

Do you want to continue to sell guns to criminals, terrorists, and
those not of sound mind through the gun show loophole — unlike 69% of
NRA members and 85% of non-NRA gun owners who support a simple
background check at gun shows to prevent this insanity?

And look. This is a membership organization, and eventually the membership bears responsibility for what it does and what it stands for. LaPierre is an asshole who isn’t interested in advancing the rights of gun owners as much as he’s interested in jerking himself off at the Republican National Convention every four years, but let’s not let the members of the NRA off the hook here. They’re the ones who can actually change things.

Gun safety and reasonable restrictions on gun ownership do more to protect gun owners than knee-jerkingly whining about the Constitution every goddamn time somebody wants to buy his third Uzi without a waiting period. That kind of shit doesn’t quite drum up the contributions the way yelling about Obama’s roving Black Panther squads of gun grabbers does, but hey, it all depends on what you really want.


3 thoughts on “Gonna Git Yer Guns

  1. The NRA is representing gun manufacturers in this case. The trade with Mexico alone has got to be really profitable, and since the Alito opinion that everyone in America has a right to a Garand semi-automatic rifle, well, there’s bound to be someone out there who doesn’t own one yet.

  2. My father was an NRA lifetime member. OTOH – I’ve often wondered how gun shows get by with so little regulation. Especially since a lot of the customers and many of the dealers seem rather unsavory.
    Felony convictions? Here’s your rifle sir.
    Weapons not intended for the open market? Let me show you my private stock in the back.
    Full Automatic? Just by this semi and file down the pin.

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