Breitbart’s Minions Plumb the Depths

For the love of the Killer Robot Christ. First Breitbart and his team of flying monkeys get a blameless woman fired over a doctored video about nothing. Now, now that the White House has apologized and Vilsack has apologized and pretty much everybody involved in this bullshit BUT Breitbart has apologized, one would think perhaps Big Government’s legions of commenters would, you know, gently suggest to their host that he should take a long vacation and think about what he’s done.

One would think that.One would be wrong:

And THAT, Ladies & Gentlemen, is what you call “governing” on the
fly, off the cuff, by the seat of your pants, OJT, with training manual
in hand.

And there’s MUCH MORE where that came from, Folks…please, just remember this in NOVEMBER!

That’s right. Not only is Shirley Sherrod a horrible racist who should have been fired, but Obama’s White House is full of stupid, incompetent people for firing her! HAHAHAHA MORANS!

This story is a smoke screen to get the Dems little minds off the
racial atrocity committed by Obama’s thugs against Ms. Sherrod. Here is
a rush to judgement, intimidated to resign, and racial prejudice by the
first black president. Barry needs to get his bags packed and stop
shoving his loyal sock puppets in front of the news because the “buck
stops with Obama”. America has reached the point in time where you all
Dems need to stop defending an incompetent and ill-suited occupant of
the white house.

Thugs! Probably CHICAGO thugs! With their urbanity and their thuggishness.

Remember the Keystone Kops? It needs to be updated to the Keystone Kenyan.

clowns are spinning so fast they are becoming a blur. Just as when the
cop arrested Professor Gates, they are so anxious to divide by race
that they jump at any chance to do so.

They did exactly what we wanted them to do! BURN THEM!

Guys, should I ever find myself in this situation, I want you to come over to my house, bungee cord me to a chair, and talk sense to me. As much as I hate making mistakes or doing stupid shit, I would hate even more a comment section full of people who were all, “No, no, your calling somebody a goatfucker who demonstrably has no interest in goats just proves how AWESOME you are, girl. And your hair is sexy today. Don’t think too hard, honey. It’ll be okay.” Who the fuck learns anything from that? Who does that help?

The only thing that’s changed over the years is the subtle shift in
dialogue. There are a bunch of crazy white racists trying to prove that
the black people are actually the racists… it’s just the modern day,
PC way of saying the N-word. Congratulations on your video editing and
to all of you who think the video still implicates Sherrod as a racist.

Finally some sense.


11 thoughts on “Breitbart’s Minions Plumb the Depths

  1. Keystone Kenyan
    It’s remarkable how they deny their racism…and then display racism.
    The human brain is truly a remarkable thing to survive this much cognitive dissonance.

  2. Okay. Someone get Matiri off the floor. She’s had an episode again.
    However, I would point out that there’s no evidence that, say, Andrew Breitbartdoesn’t fuck goats. I think investigations are in order.

  3. How many more times will Breitbart get away with this shit? Truly amazing and maddening

  4. As many as he can… UGH! Maybe Sherrod will sue his ass off. And that of Vilsack and Obama…sigh.

  5. I love these folks. First they get the White House to do what they wanted by making up a lie, and then when they get the White House to do what they wanted, they use that against the Administration AS WELL.
    Really, this is the mentality of 13-year-old boys, to fuck things up just ‘cuz they can. And then these nimrods want to run the country!!??!!

  6. Well of course they were going to criticize the administration for doing what they wanted. Did you — or the administration — think they were going to be praised by the likes of Breitbart? That would seem to fly in the face of all reason.
    But sadly, even the stopped clock, as they say…this episode does demonstrate a shocking lack of competence on the part of at least some members of the Executive.

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