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Also, what Driftglass saidhere andhere.

Breitbart would be just another wingnut with a website if the non Faux News media — and the administration/political establishment — didn’t take him seriously…and it’s not as if he’s ever done a goddamned thing to earn that distinction.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this and with A’s post just prior to this.
    Once, perhaps it was a mistake. But the repetition of doctored videos shows it to be intentional SOP.
    Plus, Countdown last night showed a short interview with him last night where he claimed to have only innocently asked for the highlights to be sent to him. (Typical Republican, just sit back, smile, and enjoy lying to people.)

  2. I loved Lite Brite. This is making me wonder if my parents still have my old one (don’t laugh, my mother keeps EVERYTHING including some teenage angst poetry I wrote that she threatens to publish if I don’t stop saying fuck so much).
    Also Breitbart is an asshole. Oh, so now it’s the people who supplied the video who ate his homework? Fuck that. You publish it, you own it.

  3. i always had issues w/ the lite brite. it never did what i wanted to. stupid lines + diagonals. i wanted to make curves.

  4. When I was a kid living in Virginia the neighbors across the street had a Lite Brite…it was like Christmas lights year round. They also had Spirograph(s).
    But hey, we had Battleship, which in retrospect could be the original prototype for a laptop computer case.
    Not sure WHAT Breitbart had or didn’t have as a kid — I read the New Yorker profile, and it sounds like he was from a reasonably well-off SoCal family — but he’s certainly got…issues.

  5. Well , it does seem as if the Obama Admin did their best to live up to the wingnut characterization of Democrats and surrender monkeys…
    And since when did Fox News/Glenn Beck become the powerful fourth branch of government? (And has anybody noticed that Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch–an Australian? Could it be that American politics and American politicians are–gasp!–being manipulated by a FOREIGNER?? And that Beck, O’Reilly, et al, are the agents of this foreigner? Shades of the “Manchurian Candidate!”)

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