Small Town News

Small town newspapers crack me up. In the midst of the BP
oiltastrophe, the Houma, Louisiana paper found time to run a feature
that should have been called Local Woman Has Blog. I
got the link from my friend Kevin and I kept waiting for there to be
some sort of point to the piece but in the end it’s about some nice
woman who writes a mommy blog who has fallen behind in her scrap
booking. Bloggers are, apparently, everywhere; perhaps even next door…

That’s small town news, Terrebonne Parish style, for today.

6 thoughts on “Small Town News

  1. Well, it’s a bit of a step away from such stories as “Smiths and local cousins gather for Sunday dinner”, always a staple of small town news.

  2. muckraking is so 1900’s.
    i met the crandon, wi publisher of the small town paper up there. he is very nice. but then they are trying to stop the mine operation.

  3. If they spell everything right, they’re a couple steps up in professionalism from a couple of the small-town papers around here.

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