That Old Devil Called Tony

He may be on his way out as BP’s CEO but Wayward Hayward’s foot and mouth have been reunited incomments made to the British press:

BP formally confirmed today that it hadaxed its boss Tony Hayward in an attempt to appease mounting anger in the US but risked undermining the move by insisting it had been a “model ofcorporate social responsibility“.

further comments unlikely to go down well in Washington, Hayward said
he had been “demonised” in the US, adding that he might be “too busy”
to attend future US hearings into the disastrous Gulf oil spill.

Explaining his decision
to leave the group he has led for three-and-a-half years, Hayward said:
“I believe this tragedy will leave BP a different company. I believe
for it to move on in the United States it needs new leadership and it
is for that reason I have stood down as the CEO. I think BP’s response
to this tragedy has been a model of good social corporate
responsibility. It has mounted an unprecedented response.”

Tony, I thought the idea of your stepping down was to change the
perception of BP in the US and A, which means that you should STFU.
It’s all cosmetic anyway asStephanie Grace pointed out in her column in today’s Picayune:

behavior since the spill has cast him as public enemy No. 1, but,
ironically, it’s also made him an ideal fall guy for his troubled
company. As such, his inevitable departure is meant to turn the page,
to wipe BP’s slate at least somewhat clean.

the problem with that scenario: Hayward wasn’t hired to have all the
answers or to come off as a nice, sympathetic guy. His charge when he
took the job three years ago was to change the corporate culture, to
focus “like a laser” on making BP’s operations safe.

that all-important mission, Hayward failed spectacularly, and we’ll all
be grappling with the consequences long after he exists the scene.

appears to be convinced that it can PR its way out of this mess. I hope
they’re wrong but people’s memories are short so eventually we’ll get
back to the really vital stories like thebarracking amongst pols aboutJersey Shore. I’ve never seen the show myself: one trashy show about Jerseyites is more than enough for me:

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  1. i hate realitee shows with a hotblooded fire. and who do network idiots think these women are. who the fuck cares? so nice she spends oodles on manicures. oy fuckinbg vey.
    of course they are what CEOs are cubed. corporate boards must relearn how to structure pay. how does hayward get out of this mess with a big fucking consolation prize instead of 3 packages of rice-a-roni?

  2. My problem is that there is a list of qualifications for the position. I am somewhat suspicious that those qualifications mean that anyone who gets the position is, in essence, of clone of each other.

  3. I finally got to see an ep of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and was laughing my ass off. So serendipitous that Tony Frodo gave you an opportunity to post that YouTube.

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