Family Values

Jan Schill nee Mantooth really, really doesn’t want her father to be elected a Judge in Oklahoma. So much so that she’s gone on the internets with a site calledDo Not Vote For My Dad.

The thing that scared me about this story is that I found myself wondering if John Mantooth is related to actor Randy Mantooth. Randy must be a bit long in the mantooth by now…

This is what happens when you watch too much reality teevee: brain rot. As former Louisiana GovernorJohn McKeithen would surely say at this point, won’t you please hep me. Hep me before I flip a table or something. In case you’re wondering hep is cracker for help:

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4 thoughts on “Family Values

  1. RAM says:


  2. Doc says:

    Wow. I must now go buy The Midget additional Happy Meals so if I ever run for Dean, I don’t have a website like this set up for me.
    And how did we miss the Anchorman reference? “I’ve had enough of you, Mantooth. Let’s dance, dickweed…”

  3. joejoejoe says:

    Randolph Mantooth made me like ambulance matchbox cars better than racecars when I was a kid. I bet he inspired almost as many people to be EMTs and paramedics as James Doohan inspired to be engineers.

  4. BlackSheep01 says:

    James Doohan inspired a boatload of engineers.
    It was Kevin Tighe made me do the calisthenics to pass the firefighter test… 😉
    Speaking of long in the tooth, though, that was the 1973-74 TV season.
    (Where did the time go?)

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