Family Values

Jan Schill nee Mantooth really, really doesn’t want her father to be elected a Judge in Oklahoma. So much so that she’s gone on the internets with a site calledDo Not Vote For My Dad.

The thing that scared me about this story is that I found myself wondering if John Mantooth is related to actor Randy Mantooth. Randy must be a bit long in the mantooth by now…

This is what happens when you watch too much reality teevee: brain rot. As former Louisiana GovernorJohn McKeithen would surely say at this point, won’t you please hep me. Hep me before I flip a table or something. In case you’re wondering hep is cracker for help:

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4 thoughts on “Family Values

  1. Wow. I must now go buy The Midget additional Happy Meals so if I ever run for Dean, I don’t have a website like this set up for me.
    And how did we miss the Anchorman reference? “I’ve had enough of you, Mantooth. Let’s dance, dickweed…”

  2. Randolph Mantooth made me like ambulance matchbox cars better than racecars when I was a kid. I bet he inspired almost as many people to be EMTs and paramedics as James Doohan inspired to be engineers.

  3. James Doohan inspired a boatload of engineers.
    It was Kevin Tighe made me do the calisthenics to pass the firefighter test… 😉
    Speaking of long in the tooth, though, that was the 1973-74 TV season.
    (Where did the time go?)

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