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  1. Remember when Rush said she looked like a cocker spaniel? That was the first time I ever heard of that douchebag…

  2. You know what? No yay. Chelsea (or her parents) spent an obscene amount of money on this wedding at a time when people in the US are going hungry. A bit out of touch? Yes. Furthermore, her groom works at a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, as a hedge fund manager. Can you say part of the problem and not part of the solution? Chelsea and her hubby will live in glorious wealth off the backs of the rest of us. I think it couldn’t be any plainer why us “nothings” down here in the slime will ever see any kind of relief coming from our legislators–none of them has half a clue what pain the majority of this country is going through, and they have lavish parties while people are suffering from their actions and inactions. Sure, Bill and Hillary don’t have any kind of actual office right now which influences financial decisions, but they sure as hell do carry some weight in circles that do. Think they support raising taxes on hedge fund managers? Doubt it very much. They’ve got theirs and their daughter now has hers. Multiply this by however many members of Congress there are and their families’ likely connections to financial power and you will see how very screwed we are.
    Reminds me ever so much of the royal court of Versailles…the whole damn thing just left a very bad taste in my mouth. Not that I think the right wing should ever attack Chelsea or should have, mind you.

  3. sounds like a guy who thinks the whole world stinks because he has limburger cheese under his nose. lighten up.

  4. I read on another blog this morning (and now can’t remember where) that Chelsea and this wedding is a slap in the face to Sarah Palin…just think, no sash to hide the baby bump, no camo tuxedo for the groom, no out of wedlock kid as the flower child…just a lovely, well educated, well adjusted woman getting married. None of those things will ever be a part of any Palin kid’s wedding.
    I agree, Mothra, that this cost way too much. I will rail on and on about the stupid wedding business and how much people spend. I think if you want to get married you should just freaking go to the courthouse and do it there. But, having said that, the Clinton’s can do what they want. I do wish that they had exhibited some self control and not had this so over the top. A better message would have been sent.

  5. Shut up, she looks beautiful (naturally, not Montag’d) and happy. Piss on someone else’s special day. They both look wonderful.
    Yay A and your little black heart!!!

  6. Weddings cost too much anyway, but then I’m an old y-chromosome cynic. Rail about the bonuses given out to Wall Street scum or any of a bunch of other shit but leave the kids alone.
    Unless you’ve given to charity every dime you’ve earned that doesn’t directly keep you fed, clothed or adequately safe – you have no place to talk.
    Bill and Hillary have a lot of bullshit in their lives, much of it by their own hand. But here’s something that turned out real nice.
    Good fortune to the happy couple!

  7. Oh for god sakes who cares what they spent on the wedding? As pansypoo says its all stimulus to the economy. There’s probably not a better multiplier effect than with wedding spending since its all discretionary and allways goes to small, local businesses. When a millionaire public couple have their only child get married they’ve got a whole shitload of family and friends to invite. That costs money unless you are holding a potluck for three hundred. And why should you? American excess is evidenced in grotesque, overhyped, kids parties and birthday parties with celebrity hires–like someone who pays to fly in a rock star to play the kid’s fifteenth birthday party. But an adult wedding? give me a fucking break.

  8. Nice picture. I hope they’re happy.
    I came here looking for Tommy T’s post and this picture prompted me to see what the Freeperati have been saying about the Clinton wedding. I think a little part of me just died.

  9. @Mothra:
    Why shouldn’t the Clintons spend their money on their daughter’s wedding if that’s what they want to do?
    YAY, says I! And again, YAY!!!

  10. Mr. merciless works in the hospitality industry, and the stories he tells…people who have basically NO money, spending tens of thousands of bucks on tacky, overblown events. It’s no different at the lower end of the economic ladder when it comes to weddings, just a matter of degree.
    I think she looks lovely. Clinton in 2024!

  11. Screw it, I’m throwin’ my lot in with mothra on this. Not the part about how rich people shouldn’t be rich while poor people aren’t, that’s just stupid, but I’m not gonna be a cheering section for the Masters of the Universe.
    Plus, why does somebody have to slag the Bush twins every time Chelsea come up? I was a MUCH bigger fuck-up than Jenna when I was young, and I don’t have the excuse of being raised by a planet-killing imbecile.

  12. They look damn near as happy as my younger son and his bride looked Saturday, about a minute before noon local, when they tied the knot.
    You know what? If you can’t find it in your heart to let the bride have a beautiful experience on her wedding day, you need to look in the mirror. There’ll be a Grinch staring back at you.

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