Too much stupid. Here’s some giggles:

“Magical Bosom.” That is all.

I first read this story after a particularly disturbing encounter with my own reflection in a restaurant bathroom and it made me feel so much better. I keep it bookmarked so that when I come home from Kohl’s convinced I’ve turned into a lump of sausage and should never leave the house again, I can be reminded that overhead flourescents are the devil’s work.


Fuck YEAH!



3 thoughts on “Fun

  1. florescent lights are evil. especially the ones on the ceiling. tho at art school we had blue + pink to create ‘sunlight’. are LED lights good tho?

  2. For YEARS I have been feeling this way – the lighting is key!!! If department stores would install a warm, incandescent lighting (even if just for bathing suit season…) their sales of bathing costumes would be PHENOMENAL, I don’t care what store… Even general clothing, sales would shoot up. I understand and appreciate the environmental issues – but hey, w/the money they would rake in, they could put solar panels on top of the mall and noone would be the wiser for their taking some weight off the grid! 🙂
    Fluorescent lighting in makeup areas/dressing areas – I don’t care how ‘color corrected’…it’s not the same. We have compact fluorescent bulbs in our office bathroom and boy if a sometimes-grating-on-your-nerves-job isn’t enough, stopping for a pit stop and glancing in that greenish-tinged, cool-temperatured and seeing a sallow pescean image of onesself doesn’t make it better!

  3. all they need is filtering thru a warm shade. but standard wins. i haven’t entered a changing room in decades. but then i do not own a dress.

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