A Welcome Addition To The Unemployment Problem

Too hard for Laura Schlessinger.

Somehow, Laura Schlessinger is in the news again. A few days ago, on her radio show (which, mercifully, I haven’t heard for almost a decade now) she wasdiscussing racism with a Black caller–if, of course, by “discussing” you mean “insulting the living shit out of African-Americans.”

Well, shequit her job recently over the flap that resulted. Why did she quit? You see, when she offended said living shit out of said African-Americans (and anybody else with an ounce of decency), people did a horrible thing–they called her sponsors and asked why the sponsors were supporting a racist fuck. And, by so doing, theyusurped her First Amendment rights! First of all, “Doctor” Laura, I’d like to point out that “Black people can say the N-word but white people can’t! It’s racist!” is ALMOST the dumbest goddamn argument in a galaxy of dumb goddamn arguments. You have to be willfuly pig-fucking-ignorant not to recognize how goddamn dumb that is. Every fourth-rate stand-up comedian working today has used that dumb goddamn argument as a punch line. Second, the only goddamn thing dumber than your previously mentioned dumb goddamn argument is to claim that your First Amendment rights insulate you from any criticism of any dumb goddamn things you say. I believe our own Athenae has covered this ground a time or two. The government didn’t shut you down, stupid. In fact, your sponsors didn’t even shut you down. When people said that you were out of line with your show, you fucking quit. That’s right. You turned tail and ran. You didn’t even wait for the negative response, and now you’re trying to come off as a fucking martyr.

Go fuck yourself, stupid. Please note that, in Laura Schlessinger’s case, the previous sentence doesn’t work without the comma.

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  1. Yeah, LS did what we in the business call a “Double Palin.” First she misconstrued the Constitution by claiming the First Amendment says, not just that she has the right to say whatever the hell she wants, but that she has the right to say whatever the hell she wantsand not get called on it. Sorry, that’s not the way it works. And then she completed the Palin by quitting.
    Right wingers like Carrie Prejean are always putting the martyr on, whah liberals are so mean to me it’s not just unfair it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Sorry, the constitution protects your right to be an asshole, but it doesn’t protect you from criticism for being an asshole.

  2. This doesn’t quite make up for ACORN but I confess there was a bit of schadenfreude in my breakfast cereal this morning when I heard this news …

  3. Funny, I don’t remember the Commerce Clause or the First Amendment saying that Laura Schlessinger has a right to use her big-deal radio program to deny others their right to free speech or their right to use their economic power as they see fit.
    She’s perfectly within her rights to control who speaks on her program, that’s her prerogative–she’s got the soapbox and she’s standing on it. But, that gives her no right to control speech outside of her own venue, or to claim she’s being discriminated against because people decide to use their economic power to express displeasure with what she says while on that soapbox. She wanted to make big money in commercial radio, fine–that means she accepts the commercial nature of the beast. That soapbox she’s standing on is rented to her by advertisers and if advertisers stand to lose business because of her use of that soapbox, well, they’re gonna take their soapbox and go home.
    At that point, Laura Schlessinger has and has always hadexactly the same rights to free speech as everyone else. All she lost was her soapbox, which enabled her to project her voice and her views above the rest of the crowd.
    And that’s what she’s really pissin’ and moanin’ about, not her right to free speech.

  4. With “rights” come “responsibility.”
    She has freedom of speech but must also face the results of her actions. Somehow the repubs, who like to scream “responsibility” seem to dislike this.

  5. Go fuck yourself, stupid. Please note that, in Laura Schlessinger’s case, the previous sentence doesn’t work without the comma.
    No, it works without the comma … it’s just redundant!

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