Kill the Blind Squirrel! Kill It Now!

Tribune commenters don’t take kindly to Steve Chapman’s location of a nut in opining that once upon a time Republicans thought being horrible bigoted assholes would be a BAD THING:

You “liberals” are the saddest bunch of all. This is not an issue
about the constitutional right to religion, this is the propriety of
rubbing salt into the wounds of so many. Reid, who is usually wrong
about so much, so-much as said so himself and he is certainly not a
conservative (though usually he has his head up his liberal hole).

No one said that the muslim religion can’t be proacticed, it is a question of whether THIS location sets the best example of “
consideration” as a tolerant religion (my god, they kill people of
their own faith by stoning). Now there is something the liberals can
identify with, its a lot like abortion as a way of showing tolerance of
womens rights to choose!

Talk about hypocrits!

You’re right, the majority of Muslims are good people. In fact,
estimates are that only 1% of Muslims are radical. Do the math. That’s
not a few thousand. It’s 12 million!

This issue has ZERO to do with religious liberties. It has to to do with LOCATION and that SENSITIVTY the left so cares about.

This is no different than building a Japanese religious icon next to the Arizona monument in the sacred waters of Pearl Harbor.

Chapman’s column is actually quite good, harkening back to when Republicans were a major voice for the rights of Arabs and Muslims. Back to when a certain Republican governor from Texas, running for president, actually challenged the legality of secret evidence in immigration trials. It seems like a million years ago now.

Most of the time, when local authorities throw up roadblocks before
unwanted religious groups, they do so in a way designed to conceal
their real motive. Here, though, the critics object to the center
precisely because it involves Muslims doing nothing more than
practicing their religion.

There is nothing covert or subtle about the opponents’ motives. To stop
the building on the grounds that Islam has no place near ground zero
would clearly defy the law’s ban on religious discrimination.

That prohibition is a credit largely to conservatives who understood
the dangers of putting religion at the mercy of government. The law was
an effort by Republicans (and manyDemocrats) to protect the rights of believers — especially despised minorities.

Just crazy, the world we used to live in.


11 thoughts on “Kill the Blind Squirrel! Kill It Now!

  1. I’ve heard enough stupid comparisons over this. A, how about hosting an Inapt Analogy Contest for First Draft commenters. Come up with the best nonsensical parallel and see if we can top the wingnuts. My entry:
    This is no different than building a Lego helicopter next to a catfish.

  2. The thing about Bush and his supposed tolerance for Muslims was that I never believed a bit of it. It was no different than him coming out and saying “we do not torture” in the midst of Abu Ghraib and waterboarding or claiming that the reason we invaded Iraq was to “protect our freedoms”. It’s just hypocritical babble and the people who listened to him on the Muslim-hating side knew it was because despite the words the military was using overt Christian themes in its wars in IRaq and Afghanistan and we were were torturing people. He could say whatever he wanted but the actions spoke louder.

  3. darrel, that’s not an unreasonable conclusion to draw, but I actually did believe him in that I believe he meant what he said when he said it because he wasn’t thinking about it all that hard, and then he saw something shiny and fucked off to go chase after it, and the people around him realized they could make a buck waging war on “radical Islam” and then we were off to the races. It’s almost hard to remember how much random shit came out of his mouth that two weeks later he’d do the exact opposite of.

  4. I’m more cynical. The Carlisle Group (aka Bush family fortunes) got a lot of money for advertising for the Saudis. Then there is the question of who bailed Bush out of his oil company fiascos – perhaps someone associated with Big Oil like the Saudis? It would not at all surprise me if shrub, like a two-bit whore, that Bush was genuinely kissey-kissey with anyone that paid him money. Or in Texas political language, You dance with them who brung you.
    As for the Cordoba Center, I hear there are tall buildings in NYC. There building is NOT prominently visible from Ground zero (if it is visible at all). The area is littered with unreputable establishments – so the glorified YMCA is a big improvement.
    Judging from past actions, my guess is that if they can drive out the Cordoba Center (or by any other name), their next step will be to go to the Mosque that is 4 blocks away and do the same there.

  5. if they can drive out the Cordoba Center (or by any other name), their next step will be to go to the Mosque that is 4 blocks away and do the same there.
    Already happening, albeit 1000 miles rather than 4 blocks. But, it’s all very clear what wingnuts are after.

  6. The controversy will get pushed as long as the GOP thinks it gives them some traction in November. Otherwise, it’ll be dropped and immediately disappear from the news, while the pack of rabid dogs pursue some other shiny object.
    Like the next Brietbart video.

  7. There are several Japanese restaurants on the north side of Pearl Harbor, just a few thousand feet across the water from the Arizona Memorial.

  8. I am constantly amazed at the amount of stupid that the MSM tries to pass off as political discourse in this country.
    America is knee deep in stupid. It can’t get from one place to the next without dragging the stupid along like a forgotten anchor.
    I doubt I’ll live to see the day when our leaders cut this anchor loose. It’s becoming as much a part of this country as the Statue of Liberty, Mt Rushmore, and Independence Hall. Maybe if every major foreign newspaper featured the headline “America Mired In Stupidity” on their front page, we might get the hint.
    Le Monde: “L’Amérique Mired dans la stupidité”
    Die Zeit: “Amerika verstrickt in der Dummheit”
    Corriere della Sera: “L’America inchiodata nella stupidità”
    Moskovskaya Pravda: “Америка завязшее в тупоумии”
    Naw, I didn’t think so.

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