Confessions Of A Slacker Blogger

The Rising Tide conference is eating my week alive. I’m the programming Poohbah and I’ve had some brush fires to extinguish as well as details to attend to. In short, posting from me will be lighter than usual this week since I also gotta work as well as read one of my pieces at theHowling In The Wires book launch.

Don’t celebrate prematurely: I’m hoping to write aMad Men post tomorrow for y’all to fire spitballs at but I may turn into the invisible blogger this week. Of course, like Claude Rains in theInvisible Man, I may unroll my bandages and turn up when and where you least expect it…

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One thought on “Confessions Of A Slacker Blogger

  1. Claude Rains rocks! Granted, William Powell will always have my heart…thank GOODNESS my boyfriend views himself in the Nick spot and myself in the Nora role. 🙂
    Yeah, I’m an old movie junkie. 🙂
    Rising Tide V is gonna be GREAT!

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