Sound Bite

I was on the local news commenting on the NFL’s attempt to turn Jackson Square into a movie set by building a humongous stage on the riverside of Decatur Street. I’m the balding, somewhat portly guy at the end of the story. Btw, as thedetails have emerged it gets worse and worse. Repeat after me: it’s a real city, not Disneyland.

The story aired Friday night on WWL-TV:

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We were all too generous, this is going to be a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

4 thoughts on “Sound Bite

  1. “It’s the NFL…”
    Which doesn’t give a rat’s ass for anything except…the NFL.
    I’m not naïve, and understand that Futbol Americaño brings in a lot of $$$$, but making it even more difficult to get to the Quarter than it is already is really sux, especially since I assume the concert goers are as likely as not to be select, and not in a good way.

  2. This is BS, stupid NFL. A friend of mine in Florida emailed to tell me he won tickets to the Dave Mathews concert. Huh? Will anyone from NOLA be in the crowd? Of course locals have better taste in music.

  3. My understanding is that Roger Goodall is doing some PR work on Wednesday. Is that a pre-taped lovefest? Or will Roger take real questions from local citizens? If so, a Banana Republic dictator question live on air should serve nicely. But anytime you’re dealing with 32 overinflated egos and no one anywhere is doing much to check those egos, you’ll run into attempted take-overs and blatant disregard for the “little people”. The NFL has lost my DirecTV subscription and will soon lose any of my patronage as the quality of their game is undercut by their owners lack of civic participation.

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