Weekend Question Thread

What is the one sure-fire thing that, no matter what else is going wrong in the world, will make you happy?

I had a crappy day the other day, came home, hauled Bucky out of the cage, petted him and tickled his ears and scratched his belly until he gave me kisses. Five minutes of that (an interminably long time for him to hold still, generous creature) and I couldn’t even REMEMBER what I’d been mad about.


13 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Riding shotgun in my husband’s 1966 Saab works pretty well. The sight and sound (it’s a 2-stroke!) of that thing coming down the road makes passersby look and stare and smile. Children tug at their parents and point. Twenty minutes of that and cannot help but be cheered. I’ve started smiling right now just thinking about it.

  2. Keeping up with the shotgun imagery, nothing makes me happier than my Gordon Setter pointing a wild bird, me flushing said bird & actually killing the bird with No. 8 shot from my 12 gauge over & under.. I don’t care anymore if the dog retrieves it, I just marvel with great joy when he/she points, what a thrill. There are all the great side effects as well – great October weather, orange/red leaves falling, the ache in the legs after a long walk, & petting & deburring the dog while driving home.

  3. This used to be my gauge as a kid… I reached rock bottom when I realized that not even a Phillies game would make me happy. (sorry…depression stuff)

  4. Five minutes with my beloved. He always, always makes me laugh, somehow.
    Failing that … good music.
    “Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old,” or “Amarillo By Morning” or “South of Santa Fe” or
    “El Paso” or “Dusty Winds” or “Man Walks Among Us, Be Still” or “Write This Down” or “My Heart is Lost to You” or “Good-Hearted Woman” or “Carryin’ Your Love With Me” or “That Summer” or “Twentieth Century Drifter” or “Ramblin’ Man” (Waylon Jennings’ version) or “Ribbon of Darkness” or “I’d Like to Have That One Back” or “Lost And Found” or “We Shall Be Free” or “Blue Clear Sky” or “Ava Maria Morales” or … you get the idea.

  5. If nothing else will work, I listen to the Little Richard cover of “I Feel Pretty” fromSongs of West Side Story. If that doesn’t cheer me up, it’s time to call the local exorcist.

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