Dead End Angel

Tonight on Adrastos’ Obsession with the Jayhawks:

A genu-wine, bona fide alt-country tune featuring the keyboard stylings of Ms. Karen Grotberg. It’s a song that also reminds us that “all the po-leese carry guns.”

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Holy crap. These guys were hippies then. Please don’t punch them.

One thought on “Dead End Angel

  1. M. Adrastos…may your obsession continue. I too am a huge fan of the Jayhawks circa 1995. One of my confreres (actually a consoeur), arranged a road trip from Charleston see them in Myrtle Beach. Seven people in a rented Cadillac with a case of cold beer to see the Jayhawks with an opening band called Wilco.
    I often wonder what happened to them.

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