5 thoughts on “Waiting for Terri Schiavo

  1. MichaelF says:

    Sad to say, but I would not have been surprised at all if some had gone there to celebrate.

  2. hoppy says:

    What a barbaric country we live in. And, we dare to criticize Islamic countries.

  3. pansypoo says:

    only fetuses and unconscious women.

  4. Makarios says:

    The “right to life” apparently begins at conception and ends at birth. It then kicks in again when someone is either brain dead or in a PVS. In between, fuggedaboudit.

  5. Tommy T says:

    Bristol will save ’em all!
    From the always hilarious “Johnston Checks In”:

    The video gets right out of the gate being stupid. “My name is bristol palin I’m a public abdocate for teen pregnancy prevention.” Yeah, okay, that’s not a job. If your family is saving a chocolate cake for a party you can’t wait until everybody goes to sleep, sneak downstairs, eat the whole cake, and then come back upstairs covered in choclate smudges and wake everyone up and say “I’m a abdocate for not eating the chocolate cake.” You can’t just make up a job out of whatever you JUST got done fucking up. At least wait until the paint is dry on our babies goddamn.

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