‘A Condom Jar’

Because nothing says romance like “hey baby, I have a jar full of condoms.”

Seriously, coupled with the pimp-ho thing and the Mary Landrieu thing, is there any reason to think this guy ISN’T some kind ofcrazy sex pervert? Give the opportunity to ratfuck, he goes straight for the women every time, I dunno, because he thinks one of us Vagina-Americans couldn’t take him in a fight? Or does he just know that most of us are not wingnuts and that’s the place his rage comes from?

I do not get the objective here, mostly because … okay, so he tapes a reporter being on a sex boat, and that proves … that the reporter likes kinky sex as imagined by a 12-year-old who’s been huffing paint for three days straight? I personally don’t find a jar of condoms and fuzzy handcuffs hot, but if some reporter does, so what? If she finds a pimply-faced squirrel nut rubber person who looks like he doesn’t even shave yet Teh Secksay and wants to stay on his creep dildo boat, erm, more power to her. I guess. I mean, people are into all kinds of sick shit, why not James O’Keefe?

The whole thing looks like something that would land you on Dateline, but then again, we’re all talking about James O’Keefe, and maybe that was the point after all.


10 thoughts on “‘A Condom Jar’

  1. O’Keefe wouldn’t need to prove that the reporter did anything wrong. It’s all about getting an embarrasing video that he can sell to Fox. That’s all the wingnuts need to convince themselves that all women are worthless whores. Except of course the ones who stay home barefoot and pregnant.

  2. Reading James O’Keefe’s idea of what is sexy is like having a rainbow described by a blind cave fish, as reported by a retarded vole. This guy couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a fistful of twenties and a tear in his eye. He masturbates to Go-Bot fan fiction. I think the phrase “like a bag of sand” fromThe 40 Year Old Virgin originiated in a wiretap on James O’Keefe.
    Seriously–what was even the fucking point of this? It’s like kink for Mamie Eisenhower. No, scratch that. It’s like kink as imagined by someone who’s so inexperienced and vanilla that they thinkcondoms are outré. Oooh! Fuzzy Handcuffs! Playboys! I’m such a bad bad boy!
    Jesus. You want kinky, go the two-wetsuits-and-a-dildo route. Mirrored ceilings? That’s not kinky. That’s just tacky.

  3. Reading this story the same day as the Rutger’s 18 year old committing suicide after his roommate posted video of him making out with a guy makes me fear for our youth – even 20-something frat boys. They have been let loose in a no-privacy world without the tools to deal with the consequences. Pranking someone online is fun, it’s expected, it’s accepted as means of revenge. Sad. I think we’re going to be dealing with the effects of the always-connected-living-life-on-line-for-all-to-see substitute for real personal connection behavior for a long time.

  4. Since his particular ouvre is faking video by editing and dubbing I would guess that destroying her career to promote his own was the goal. Doing it by entrapment, intimidation, harassment, and kidnapping was supposed to be the fun part.

  5. I agree with OkieBlue, and with John Cole’ssimilar assessment:

    Any video he got from the boat would have been “proof” of whatever they claimed it would be. These are the folks who took a video of Shirley Sherrod rejecting racism and used it to… call her a racist. These are the folks who had ACORN officials fired for… calling the authorities when they went in and pretended to be sex traffickers and the ACORN folks did the right thing.
    All they needed was videotape of anything involving Abbie Bordreaux on that boat. It doesn’t matter if she was repulsed or what she actually did, they would lie and edit the video and it would become whatever they wanted it to be. The wingnut blogs would all circulate it, Howie Kurtz and Fox news would mainstream it, the WaPo Ombudsman would three weeks later issue an apology for not looking into the sluts at CNN earlier, and the Politico would have a dozen “thought” pieces up discussing how this is bad news for Obama and Democrats.

    The noise machine doesn’t require a melody, after all.

  6. Taken out of context, that tape could have torpedoed her career.
    Taken in context, it demonstrates how sleezy, manipulative, and misleading the right is willing to become.
    Certainly shows O’Keefe to be beneath any level of trust.

  7. The point of this was that somehow, in O’Keefe’s mind, a CNN reporter (gaaah, CNN, but…) would succumb to his manly, and no doubt very suave, advances. Then he would say, “Haha! Fooled you!” And the MSM would crumble. Um, crumble faster. And then he would shout, “WOLVERINES!”

  8. You know, that sleazy little dogturd’s still on probation. Wonder if this violates the terms…

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