9 thoughts on “Stay Classy, Senator Vitter

  1. Sure looks a lot like the ads run by politicos in other areas !
    Next, will Vitter be running ads against Swamp Man??

  2. The more I think about it, the biggest influx of Mexicans into LA was probably post-Katrina to rebuild NOLA.
    I don’t have the stats for NOLA, but a fairly typical pattern would be:
    Area damaged
    Because of high demand, prices for labor from established companies drastically escalates.
    Influx of Labor from outside – much of it bonded labor from other states.
    Deficit of available labor and hight labor wages leads to rise of “illegals” looking for good pay.
    NOLA still has areas that haven’t rebuilt. Many of these were poor pre-Katrina and would have trouble paying high wages to be rebuild. Therefore many will turn to companies offering cheaper labor.
    In short, why does Vitter want parts of NOLA to remain devastated??? These “illegals” are a path to getting your city rebuilt.

  3. You are correct, MS. But the Mexican workers have mostly moved on in the last 2 years. There are still a few around but the influx is over.

  4. At the end text on the screen says, “For The Documented Facts, Go To DavidVitter.com” I went and I found nothing of the sort. Did I overlook it?

  5. I wasn’t aware that Louisiana shared a border with Mexico. I guess they teach you that in the books where there are pictures of Jesus riding a dinosaur to work.

  6. I hate hate hate this ad…but then again, I think Vitter is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a human embodiment of a black hole, so I’m not too surprised, just saddened…and chagrined that so many people will actually buy what he is saying and put him back in Congress. I’d much prefer they put him in a Soyuz rocket to the ISS – and have the craft miss its target.

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