Deep Boardwalk Empire Thought

I’m really getting intoBoardwalk Empire. FormerSopranos writer Terence Winter has chosen a large canvas to paint on and they’re doing it well thus far. Is it just me or does Nucky’s squeeze Lucy Danziger remind anyone else of the character of Susan Alexander Kane inCitizen Kane? They don’t look alike BUT their voices are similar and they both have a sarcastic diva quality in common. Also, when the news reel guy tracks the second Mrs, Kane down, she’s singing in a dive in Atlantic City. Coincidence or hommage by Terence Winter and executive producer Martin Scorsese?

5 thoughts on “Deep Boardwalk Empire Thought

  1. I love that show. I really enjoyed watching Nucky dance with Margaret at the party. Sure, Danziger is a sex pot, but she does nothing for Nucky away from the boudoir.
    I would LOVE to work the costume crew or set dressing gang. 🙂

  2. This last episode reeled me in completely. I’m boughten. Omar back, baby, and he don’t scare!
    That said, I was initially taken with Paz de la Huerta’s ability to play the ditzy Lucy (Episode 3’s “step-in” scene was fantastic), but it’s getting old quickly.

  3. i can only hope treme will be this good next season.
    i love both shows.
    boardwalk empire has raised the bar in my mind.

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