The Face Of American Marxism?

Christine O’Donnell caled her opponent Chris Coons a Marxist last night. He is one scary looking dude, after all:


Mr. Coons looks more like a CPA than a member of the CPUSA. It’s a tough sell trying to paint him as the next Fidel or Che. Hmm, Lenin *was* bald. Of course, wingnut cupcakes like Ms. O’Donnell don’t know what Marxism is in any event. At least she hasn’t started making jokes about his last name but I bet some wackadoodle somewhere has already done so…

6 thoughts on “The Face Of American Marxism?

  1. Asked her position on evolution, she said it was best left to local school boards. I’m still trying to figure that out.
    There was also something about the Soviets in Afghanistan. Again, puzzling it out would have been futile.

  2. I’m surprised that Twatwaffle O’Donnell didn’t screech about getting maps to the starving Africans in Iraq.

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