7 thoughts on “First, They Came for the Campbell’s Soup

  1. I just don’t understand it. An event occuring under multiple jurisdictions isn’t that unusual. You just have to determine which jurisdiction has the greater authority.
    Multinational corporations have their policies and procedures. If something happens in the US, they have to comply with the US law also.
    I’m a librarian. In the sci-tech area, a huge amount of journals come from overseas. The contracts I sign note the home country of the publisher, USA, and the corporation’s policies and procedures.
    I’m Catholic. For events within the Church, there is Canon Law. The Church is also subject to USA law when in the USA.
    I know some vegans. If they want to eat only foods based on their code, well – As Marie Antionette said – let them eat vegan. If the vegans want, there are certification procedures that are legally applicable.
    If a food is produced in one country and sold in another (common occurrence), it is likely that the food must meet the laws for both countries.
    An Orthodox Jew living in the USA has a set of laws, including dietary Kosher, but is also subject to US law.

  2. of course no one gives a rats ass that regular Campbell’s canned soups are sodium and preservative laced. Health risks, whatever! But damn, if we let them market halal food, the terrists win!
    people are stupit

  3. Did any of these people notice that it’s Campbell’sCanada that’s bringing out the halal soups?
    Why the fuck should wingnuts give a damn about what a company does in Canada? They barely know we exist anyway, unless they’re lying about our healthcare system again, or calling us communists.

  4. Interrobang,
    I hadn’t noticed that!
    Of course, if Canada makes it, they will sneak it into the US supply chain. Kind of like Justin Bieber. 😉

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